Evilspeak (1981)

89m, 92m (Germany), 97m, (Canada – video), 100m (UK)
Dolby, English

An American horror film directed by Eric Weston and starring Clint Howard, brother of actor-turned-director Ron Howard. The film was one of the 72 titles designated “” in the UK during the 1980s.

Plot Summary

At a academy, nerdy young cadet Coopersmith is the butt of everyone's practical joke. But when he finds a hidden secret chapel, he finds a way to use his to summon up and get his on those who have oppressed him.


Directed by: Eric Weston
© MCMLXXXI [1981] Leisure Investment Company, N.V.
Sylvio Tabet presents
Executive Producer: Sylvio Tabet
Produced by: Sylvio Tabet and Eric Weston
Associate Producers: Gerald Hopman, H. Hal Harris
Screenplay by: Joseph Garofalo and Eric Weston
Based on a story by Joseph Garofalo
Director of Photography: Irv Goodnoff
Editor: Charles Tetoni
Music Composed and Conducted by: Roger Kellaway
Sound Mixer: Jan Brodin
Costumes: Lennie Barin, Lyn McKissick, Kristin Nelson
Make-up: Peter Knowlton
Special Visual Effects Make-up by: Makeup Effects Labs, Douglas White, Allan Apone, Frank Carrisosa
Special Effects: Harry Woolman, John Carter
Special Photographic Effects by: Robert D. Bailey
Special Photography: Dream Quest
Art Directors: George Costello, Dena Roth

Clint Howard (Coopersmith)
R.G. Armstrong (Sarge)
Joseph Cortese (Reverend Jameson)
Claude Earl Jones (coach)
Haywood Nelson (Kowalski)
Don Stark (Bubba)
Charles Tyner (Colonel Kincaid)
Hamilton Camp (Hauptman)
Louie Gravance (Jo Jo)
Jim Greenleaf (Ox)
Lynn Hancock (Miss Friedemeyer)
Loren Lester (Charlie Boy)
Kathy McCullen (Kelly)
Lenny Montana (Jake)
Leonard D'John (Tony)
Bennett Liss (Captain Merrill)
Katherine Kelly Lang (Suzie Baker)
Richard Moll (Father Esteban)
Robert Tafur (old priest)
Sue Casey (Mrs Caldwell)

Alternative Titles

Computer Murder – French video title
Evilspeaks – alternative title
El legado del Diablo – Spanish title
Mensajero de Satanás – Argentine title
Messe noire – French/French Canadian title
La promessa di Satana – Italian title
Der Teufelsschrei – West German title



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