Evils of the Night (1985)

USA, 1985
35mm film, colour, 1.85:1
mono, English

An American science fiction/horror film directed by Mardi Rustam.

Plot Summary

Teenagers are being kidnapped by a gang of alien vampires.


Directed by: Mardi Rustam
© MCMLXXXIV [1984] Mars Productions Corp.
Mars Productions [logo]. A film by Mardi Rustam
Produced by: Mardi Rustam
Associate Producer: Joan Kasha
Written by: Mardi Rustam, Phillip D. Connors
Director of Photography: Don Stern
Edited by: Henri Charr
Music by: Robert O. Ragland
Sound: Gerald Wolf
Wardrobe & Costume Designer: Jennifer Michaud
Make-Up Artist: Rhonda Specter
Special Effects Make-Up: Donn Markel
Art Director: Gregory Wolf

Neville Brand (Kurt)
Aldo Ray (Fred)
John Carradine (Doctor Kozmar)
Julie Newmar (Doctor Zarma)
Tina Louise (Cora)
Karrie Emerson (Nancy)
David Hawk (Brian)
G.T. Taylor (Connie)
Keith Fisher (Ron)
Bridget Holloman (Heather)
Tony O’Dell (Billy)
Kelly Parson (Laura Lee)
Scott Hunter (young man on beach & garage)
Laura Lee (young lady on beach)

Listed in the opening credits but not the end credits
Amber Lynn [Joyce]
Paul Siederman [real name: Jerry Butler] [Eddie]
Jody Swafford [girl applying lotion]
Shane Taylor [real name: Shone Taylor] [first man having sex]
Lisa Stanyo [real name: Crystal Breeze] [first woman having sex]
Traci Escobar

Alternative Titles

Demon’s Night – French video title
Muerte en la noche – Spanish television title

Extracts included in
Alien Blood Transfusions with Mardi Rustam (2016)



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