Evil Toons (1992)

USA, 1992
35mm film, colour

An American horror film directed by Fred Olen Ray.


Four young women charged with cleaning an old house for its new owners accidentally bring a cartoon character to life when they read from a book of magic spells. The character goes on the rampage, attacking the women in its search of blood.


Director: Fred Olen Ray
American Independent Productions, Curb, Esquire Films
Producer: Victoria Till
Co-producer: Fred Olen Ray
Script: Sherman Scott [real name: Fred Olen Ray]
Director of Photography: Gary Graver
Editor: Greg Shorer
Music: Chuck Cirino
Costume Designer: Paris Libby
Creature Design: Chas Balun
Special Effects Animation and Titles: Bret Mixon
Art Department: Ralph Langer

David Carradine (Gideon Fisk)
Arte Johnson (Mr Hinchlow)
Dick Miller (Burt)
Monique Gabrielle (Megan)
Suzanne Ager (Terry)
Madison Stone (Roxanne)
Stacey Nix [real name: Barbara Dare] (Jan)
Don Dowe (Biff)
Michelle Bauer (Mrs Burt)

Alternative Titles

Demonzla – Poland
Evil Toons – Flotte Teens im Geisterhaus – Germany
Non entrate in quella casa… – Italy

Includes extracts from
A Bucket of Blood (1959)



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