Evil in the Woods (1986)

35mm film, colour

An American science fiction/horror film directed by William J. Oates.

Plot Summary

A young boy, Billy Hanes, reads a book titled Evil in the Woods. It tells the story of a low budget film crew trying to film vs. the Space Monsters when a real life Bigfoot and some turn up.


Director: William J. Oates
© 1986 Fantasy Factory, Inc.
Cinevest, Inc. presents a Fantasy Factory film. Released through Cinevest, Inc.
Executive Producer: S. Dion Smith
Producer: William J. Oates
Associate Producer: Mike Nelson
Screenplay: William J. Oates
Cinematographer: Edward L. Linder
Editor: Kerry Minton
Original Music: Burt Wolff, Joe Wolff
Location Sound: Marita Kells, Richard Baker
Costumes: B. Oates, S. Leksak
Hair/Make-Up: Phillip Ivey
Make-Up: S. Kaskel
Special Make-Up Effects: Harrison Johnson
Pyrotechnics: Bob Shelley's Special Effects
Art Director: S. Kaskel
Casting: Sylvia Mays

Stephanie Kaskel (Ida Pierson)
Schelli Marie Barbaro (Yellan Curtis)
Brian Abent (Billy Hanes)
Browder Denniston (Sheriff Dolts)
Kerry Minton (Luke Stevenson)
Dennis Klein (Dick Dross)
Lauren Kingsley (Barbra Hanes)
Daniel Glazier (Cliff Hanes)
George Turk (Brock)
Tia Nikolopoulas (Keli)
Jennifer Bates (Alieen Pierson)
Michael Brown (Larry)
Diane Casey (Wendy)
Jeffrey Jacobs (Edwinn Pierson)
Richard Popham (Mark)
Jeff Polston (Alex Pierson)
Andy Taylor (Sam)
Mary Hyde Wingfield (Matty Pierson)
Joe Lester (Christine Pierson)
Burk Sauls (50's driver)
Tom Spock (narrator)

Alternative Titles

Couché, les monstres – French title
Ida – monsterdrottning – Swedish title
Il mistero della foresta maledetta – Italian title