Every Home Should Have One (1970)

35mm film, Eastmancolor
mono, English

A British fantasy film directed by Jim Clark. It was released in the UK on a double bill with Futtock's End (1970) on 10 May 1970.

Plot Summary

Teddy, an employee of a large company, is given the task of coming up with a campaign to sell frozen to the public. He decides to use sex to sell his unsellable product and falls foul of the “Keep Clean” campaign. Along the way, he about and gets involved with a sexy Swedish au pair.


The word ‘buy' is used during the film's opening credits instead of the more standard ‘by' (e.g. Directed buy).
Directed buy: Jim Clark
© MCMLXX [1970] Example Productions Ltd.
Made by Example Productions Ltd. in association with British Lion Films. Ned Sherrin's production of […]
Produced buy: Ned Sherrin
Associate Production buy: Terry Glinwood
Production Managed buy: Pat Green
Screenplay buy: Marty Feldman, Barry Took and Denis Norden
Based on a story buy: Herbert Kretzmer & Milton Shulman
Assistant Direction buy: Allan James, Grania O'Shannon
Continuity buy: Barbara Rowland
Photographed buy: Ken Hodges
Camera Operated buy: George Minassian
Edited buy: Ralph Sheldon
Processed buy: Humphries Film Laboratories
Music buy: John Cameron
Title Lyric buy: Caryl Brahms & Ned Sherrin
Sung buy: Millicent Martin
Sound Recorded buy: Buster Ambler, Nolan Roberts
Sound Edited buy: Jim Sibley
Costumes Designed buy: Daphne Dare
Marty Feldman's Clothes buy: Mr. Fish
Make-up buy: Richard Mills
Hairdressing buy: Jeanette Freeman
Titles and Animation buy: Richard Williams Studio
Art Direction buy: Roy Stannard
Produced at Shepperton Studios
Casting Directed buy: Thelma Graves

Marty Feldman (Teddy Brown)
Judy Cornwell (Liz Brown)
Patrick Cargill (Wallace Trufitt, M.P.)
Jack Watson (McLaughlin)
Patience Collier (Mrs Monty Levin)
Penelope Keith (Lotte von Gelbstein)
Dinsdale Landen (Reverend Geoffrey Mellish)
Annabell Leventon (Chandler's secretary)
John McKelvey (Colonel Belper)
Moray Watson (Frank Chandler)
Sarah Badel (Joanna Snow)
Michael Bates (magistrate)
Roland Curram (Arthur and Mario, the waiters)
Dave Dee (Ern, Wednesday Play star)
Hy Hazell (Mrs Avis Kaplan)
David Hutcheson (unknown stockbroker)
Judy Huxtable (Dracula's victim)
John Wells (Tolworth)
Ray Fell (Goldilocks presenter)
Julie Ege (Inga Giltenburg)
Shelley Berman] as Nat Kaplan
Harold Innocent (Jimpson)
Maggie Jones (Hetty Soames)
Frances de la Tour (Maude Crape)
Ellis Dale (Leonard Crape)
Charles Lewsen (Arthur Soames)
Vicki Hodge (Pippa)
Erika Bergman (Hildegarde)
Garry Miller (Richard Brown)
Mark Elwes (Rokes)
Mischa De La Motte (Trufitt's manservant)
Veronica Clifford (hot dog girl)
Diana Quiseekay (Elvira)
John Hamill, Robert Farrant, Kenny Rodway (porridge eaters)
Rose Hill, Winnie Holman (shopping women)
Bernard Sharpe (shopping man)
Alan Bennett [defence solicitor – uncredited]
Sheila Gish [mother in TV commercial – uncredited]
Christopher Godwin [magistrates' clerk – uncredited]
David Lee [Ern – uncredited]
Marianne Stone [TV production assistant 1 – uncredited]

Alternative Titles

El eroticón – Spanish title
Haferbrei macht sexy – West German title
Jokaisella pitäisi olla se – Finnish title
Marty Feldman – Ich kann alles – West German title
Ogni uomo dovrebbe averne due – Italian title
Het på gröten – Swedish title
Think Dirty – US title



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