Event Horizon (1997)

USA, UK, 1997
35mm film, colour, 2.55:1
Dolby, stereo, English

An American/British science fiction/horror film directed by Paul Anderson.

Plot Summary

In the year 2047 the starship Event Horizon suddenly reappears seven years after it fell into a black hole. The crew of second ship sent to investigate find that something has returned with the Event Horizon, something determined to kill them all.


Directed by: Paul Anderson
© MCMXCVII [1997] by Paramount Pictures Corporation
Paramount Pictures and Lawrence Gordon present a Golar Productions in association with Impact Pictures. A Paul Anderson film
Executive Producer: Nick Gillott
Produced by: Lawrence Gordon, Lloyd Levin, Jeremy Bolt
Written by: Philip Eisner
Director of Photography: Adrian Biddle
Edited by: Martin Hunter
Visions of Hell Sequence Edited by: Nicholas Weyman-Harris
Music by: Michael Kamen
Additional Music : Orbital
Sound Mixer: Chris Munro
Costume Designer: John Mollo
Chief Make-up Artist: Pauline Heys
Chief Hairstylist: Stephanie Kaye
The Weir/Beast Make-up Effects Designed and Created by: Animated Extras
Prosthetics/Animatronics: Image Animation
Special Effects Supervisors: Neil Corbould, Clive Beard, Trevor Wood, Paul Corbould, David Williams
Visual Effect Supervisor: Richard Yuricich
Special Visual Effects: Cinesite (Europe) Ltd
Special Visual Effects: The Computer Film Company, London
Motion Control Photography: The Magic Camera Company
Production Designer: Joseph Bennett
US Casting by: Deborah Aquila, Jane Shannon-Smith
UK Casting by: John and Ros Hubbard
Filmed at: Pinewood Studios, London, England

Laurence Fishburne (Miller)
Sam Neill (Weir)
Kathleen Quinlan (Peters)
Joely Richardson (Starck)
Richard T. Jones (Cooper)
Jack Noseworthy (Justin)
Jason Isaacs (D.J.)
Sean Pertwee (Smith)
Peter Marinker (Kilpack)
Holley Chant (Claire Weir)
Barclay Wright (Denny)
Noah Huntley (burning man)
Robert Jezek (rescue technician)

Alternative Titles

Destinatie mortala – Romania
O Enigma do Horizonte – Brazil, Portugal
Event Horizon – Am Rande des Universums – Austria, Germany, Switzerland (German)
Event horizon – viimeinen horisontti – Finland (television)
Event Horizon : Le Vaisseau de l’au-delà – France
Event Horizon: La nave de la muerte – Argentina, Ecuador, Mexico
Halálhajó – Hungary
Horizont události – Czech Republic
Horizont udalosti – Slovakia
Horizonte Final – Spain
Įvykių horizontas – Lithuania
Krvavo obzorje – Slovenia
La nave de la muerte(Alternative Title) – Argentina
Punto di non ritorno – Italy
Na rubu horizonta – Croatia
Den sista horisonten(Swedish, informal title) – Finland
To skafos tou tromou – Greece
The Stars My Destination – working title
Ufuk faciası(Turkish) – Turkey
Ukryty wymiar – Poland
Viimeinen horisontti – Finland (video)
Το σκάφος του τρόμου – Greece
Безмежний обрій – Ukraine
Горизонт подій – Ukraine
Коначни хоризонт – Serbia
Крізь обрій – Ukraine
На ивици хоризонта – Serbia (DVD)
Сквозь Горизонт – Russia
Смъртоносен хоризонт – Bulgaria
イベント・ホライゾン) – Japan
撕裂地平線 – Taiwan


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