Et mourir de plaisir (1960)

France, Italy, 1960
74m, 87m
35mm film, Technirama, Technicolor, 2.35:1
mono, French

A French/Italian horror film directed by Roger Vadim. Production began on 4 January 1960


Carmilla becomes possessed by a vampire and attacks the inhabitants of a country estate.


Directed by: Roger Vadim
© 1960 by Les Films E.G.E. and Documento Film
A Paramount release [US version]
Produced by: Raymond Eger
Screenplay by: Roger Vadim, Roger Vailland
Original Story by: Claude Martin and Claude Brulé
From a story [Carmilla] by: Sheridan Le Fanu
Director of Photography: Claude Renoir
Film Editor: Victoria Mercanton
Music Composed and Conducted by: Jean Prodromidès
Sound: Robert Biart
Western Electric Sound
Designer of Costumes: Marcel Escoffier
Make-up: Amato Garbini
Art Direction: Jean André and Robert Guisgand
Studios: Cinecitta, Rome
Locations: Rome, Lazio, Italy

Mel Ferrer (Leopoldo De Karnstein)
Elsa Martinelli (Georgia Monteverdi)
Annette Vadim (Carmilla)
Alberto Bonucci (Carlo Ruggieri)
R.J. Chauffard [real name: René-Jean Chauffard] (Dr Verari)
Gaby Farinon [real name: Gabriella Farinon] (Lisa)
Serge Marquand (Giuseppe)
Edith Arlene Peters Catalano (the cook)
Nathalie LeForet (Marie)
Carmilla Stroyberg (Martha)
Marc Allégret (Judge Monteverdi)

Alternative Titles

Blod och rosor – Sweden
Blood and Roses – UK/USA
Rosas de Sangue – Brazil
O Sangue e a Rosa – Portugal
Il sangue e la rosa – Italy
…und vor Lust zu sterben – Austria
Und vor Lust zu sterben – West Germany
Verinen ruusu – Finland

Extracts included in
Bride of Monster Mania (2000)



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