Estupro (1979)


A Brazilian horror film directed by José Mojica Marins.


A millionaire is able to escape justice when he hires a powerful and talented lawyer to get him off a charge of sexually assaulting and mutilating a young woman. Late, he meets another woman who he falls madly in love with, but she plays hard to get. He vows to mend his ways, but doesn't realise that the woman isn't quite what she seems…


Director: José Mojica Marins
Produções Cinematográficas Zé do Caixão
Executive Producer: Melquíades
Producer: José Mojica Marins
Associate Producer: Wilson Garcia Hernandes
Production Manager: Satã
Script: José Mojica Marins
Dialogue: Crounel Martins
Assistant Director: Crounel Martins
Director of Photography: Giorgio Attili
Camera Operator: Giorgio Attili
Assistant Camera: Oscar Marcil, Valdecir Pires
Editor: Nilcemar Leyart
Music: Oscar Marcil
Sound: Orlando Macedo
Make-up: Nilcemar Leyart
Costume Designer: Maria Aparecida Fernandes
Production Designer: Nelo D. Pedretti

José Mojica Marins
Arlete Moreira
Ricardo Petráglia
Nadia Destro
Elza Leonetti
Diva Medrek
Jaime Cortez
Mara Prado
Wilson Garcia Hernandes
Débora Muniz
João Paulo Ramalho
Fábio Vilalonga
Roney Wanderley

Alternative Titles

Estupro! – alternative title
Estupro-perversão – alternative title
Perversão – Estupro! – alternative title
Perversão – alternative title
– working title