Escapement (1957)

UK, 1957
76m (USA), 80m, 2102 metres
35mm film, black and white
mono (Westrex Recording System), English

A British science fiction film directed by Montgomery Tully.

Plot Summary

Insurance investigator Jeff Keenan is looking into the car-crash that killed film star Clark Denver in the south of France and follows a trail of clues to a private psychiatric clinic where he and other recent victims of suspicious deaths had been treated by electronically induced dream therapy.


Directed by: Montgomery Tully
Copyright by Merton Park Studios Limited, London, England 1957
Anglo Amalgamated Film Distributors Ltd [logo]. Nat Cohen and Stuart Levy present. Merton Park Studios production
Produced by: Alec C. Snowden
Associate Producer: Jim O’Connolly
Production Manager: Bill Shore
Screenplay by: Charles Eric Maine
Additional Dialogue by: J. McLaren-Ross
Dream Sequences Directed by: David Paltenghi
Assistant Director: Peter Crowhurst
Continuity: Marjorie Owens
Director of Photography: Bert Mason
Dream Sequences Photographed by: Teddy Catford
Camera Operator: Bernard Lewis
Film Editor: Geoffrey Muller
Electronic Music by: SounDrama
[Electronic Music] Consultant: John Simmons
Music Director: Richard Taylor
Sound Recordists: Ronald Abbott and Keith Barber
Sound Editor: Derek Holding
Wardrobe: Eileen Welch
Make-up: Jack Craig
Hairdresser: Daphne Vollmer
Art Director: Wilfred Arnold

Rod Cameron (Jeff Keenan)
Mary Murphy (Ruth Vance)
Meredith Edwards (Doctor [Phillip] Maxwell)
Peter Illing (Paul Zakon)
Carl Jaffé (Doctor Hoff)
Kay Callard (Laura Maxwell)
Carl Duering (Blore)
Roberta Huby (Verna Berteaux)
Felix Felton (commissaire)
Larry Cross (Brad Somers)
Carlo Borelli (Signore [Pietro] Kallini)
John McCarthy (Claude Denver)
Jacques Sey (French doctor)
Armande Guinle (French farmer)
Malou Pantera (receptionist (clinic))
Pat Clavin (receptionist (studio))
Alan Gifford (Wayne)

Alternative Titles

1000:lla voltilla kuolemaa – Finland
The Electronic Monster – USA
Mit 1000 Volt in den Tod – Austria/West Germany
Il terrore non ha confini – Italy
Zex, the Electronic Fiend – early US title



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