Escape from L.A. (1996)

35mm film, Panavision (anamorphic), colour, 2.35:1
Dolby, English

An American science fiction film directed by John Carpenter.

Plot Summary

In the year 2000, a massive earthquake devastates southern California and is torn from the mainland and isolated as an island. A right-wing President uses the island of L.A. as a dumping ground for those who don't meet up to the high moral standards he has imposed on the country. Thirteen years later, terrorist Cuervo Jones brainwashes the President's daughter, Utopia, and has her steal a secret super-weapon. With Jones and Utopia hiding out in L.A., Snake Plissken is again forced back into action to get get the weapon back.


Directed by: John Carpenter
© MCMXCVI [1996] by Paramount Pictures Corporation
Paramount Pictures presents in association with Rysher Entertainment. A Debra Hill production
Produced by: Debra Hill, Kurt Russell
Written by: John Carpenter, Debra Hill, Kurt Russell
Based on Characters Created by: John Carpenter, Nick Castle
Director of Photography: Gary B. Kibbe
Film Editor: Edward A. Warschilka
Music Score Composed by: Shirley Walker, John Carpenter
Sound Mixer: Thomas Causey
Costume Designer: Robin Michel Bush
Supervising Make-Up Artist: Marvin G. Westmore
Supervising Hairdresser: Linda Arnold-Smyth
Special Effects Make-Up: Rick Baker
Special Effects Supervisor: Dale Ettema
Supervisor of Visual Effects: Kimberly K. Nelson
Visual Effects Supervisor: Michael Lessa
Visual Effects by: Buena Vista Visual Effects
Action Miniatures: Stirber Visual Effects Network, Inc.
Production Designed by: Lawrence G. Paull
Casting by: Carrie Frazier

Kurt Russell (Snake Plissken)
Stacy Keach (Malloy)
Steve Buscemi (Map to the Stars Eddie)
Valeria Golino (Taslima)
Peter Fonda (Pipeline)
Pam Grier (Hershe)
Michelle Forbes (Brazen)
Georges Corraface (Cuervo Jones)
Bruce Campbell (Surgeon General of Beverly Hills)
A.J. Langer (Utopia)
Leland Orser (Test Tube)
Cliff Robertson (President)
Jeff Imada (Saigon Shadow)
Ina Romeo (blonde hooker)
Peter Jason (duty sergeant)
Jordan Baker (police anchor)
Caroleen Feeney (woman on freeway)
Paul Bartel (Congressman)
Tom McNulty (com officer)
Breckin Meyer (surfer)
Robert Carradine (skinhead)

Alternative Titles

John Carpenter's Escape from L.A.
Escape from Los Angeles
Flucht aus L.A. – Germany

Sequel to
Escape from New York (1981)

See also
Jaws (1975)
The Omega Man (1971)
Soldier (1998)



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