Ercole al centro della terra (1961)

Italy, West Germany,
77m (UK), 83m (Germany), 91m, 2,900 metres
35mm film, Totalscope, Super/100, colour, 2.35:1
mono, Italian

An Italian/West German fantasy/horror film directed by Mario Bava.


When his lover, Daianara, seems to go mad, is told by the oracle Medea that her only hope is the Stone of Forgetfulness which he has to retrieve from Hades.


Director: Mario Bava
© [not given on screen]
An SpA Cinematografica production
World Rights Held by: Omnia Deutsche Film Gmbh
Produced by: Achille Piazzi
Story, Screenplay and Dialogue: Alessandro Continenza, Mario Bava, Duccio Tessari, Franco Prosperi
Director of Photography: Mario Bava
Editor: Mario Serandrei
Incidental Music by: Armando Trovajoli directed by the composer
Sound: Luigi Puri
Costumes: Mario Giorsi
Key Make Up: Franco Palombi
Hair Stylist: Nicla Pertosa
Art Director and Set Dresser: Franco Lolli
Reg Park (Ercole)
Christopher Lee (Lico)
Leonora Ruffo (Princess Daianira of Ecalia)
Giorgio Ardisson (Teseo)
Marisa Belli (Arethusa)
Ida Galli (Persephone)
Franco Giacobini (Telemaco)
Mino Doro (Keros)
Rosalba Neri (Helena) 1Although Rosalba Neri is credited on-screen her relatively small role was in fact played by her sister Monica]
Ely Dracò (Giocasta)
Gaia Germani (Medea, the Cybele)
Raf Baldassarre (mercenary leader)
Elisabetta Pavan (Tamar)
Aldo Padinotti (Sinis)
Claudio Marzulli
Monica Neri *
Grazia Collodi [Elettra] *

Alternative Titles

Hercule contre les – France
Hercules at the Center of the Earth – USA
Hercules in the Centre of the Earth – UK
Hercules in the Haunted World – USA
Hercules vs the Vampires
Herkules gegen die Vampire
– Austria
Herkules voittaa helvetin
– Finland
Vampire gegen Herakles
– Germany
The Vampires vs Hercules
With Hercules to the Center of the Earth



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