Equus (1977)

colour, 1.66:1
mono, English

A British borderline horror film directed by Sidney Lumet.


Psychiatrist Martin Dysart is called in to deal with Alan Strang, a sexually and emotionally confused teenager whose desires for a young girl, Jill Mason, has dire consequences. The boy has already blinded six of his beloved with a hoof spike and is in serious danger of going further still in his violence.


Directed by: Sidney Lumet
© MCMLXXVII [1977] United Artists Corporation
Elliott Kastner and Lester Persky present. Produced by The Winkast Co. Ltd. In association with Persky-Bright Ltd. A Dorset feature
Produced by: Lester Persky and Elliott Kastner
Associate Producer: Denis Holt
Originally produced on the stage in London by the National Theatre of Great Britain. Directed by John Dexter. Produced in New York by Kermit Bloomgarden and Doris Cole Abrahams in association with Frank Milton
Screenplay by: Peter Shaffer
Based upon the stage play by: Peter Shaffer
Director of Photography: Oswald Morris
Film Editor: John Victor Smith
Music by: Richard Rodney Bennett
Sound Mixer: Jimmy Sabat
Costumes by: Tony Walton
Makeup: Ron Berkeley, Ken Brooke
Hairdresser: James Keeler
Special Effects: Kit West
Production Design by: Tony Walton
Locations: Toronto, Ontario, Canada *
Made at: Kleinberg Studios, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Casting: Rose Tobias Shaw, Clare Walker

Richard Burton (Martin Dysart)
Peter Firth (Alan Strang)
Colin Blakely (Frank Strang)
Joan Plowright (Dora Strang)
Harry Andrews (Harry Dalton)
Eileen Atkins (Hesther Saloman)
Jenny Agutter (Jill Mason)
Kate Reid (Margaret Dysart)
John Wyman (horseman)
Elva Mai Hoover (Miss Raintree)
Ken James (Mr Pearce)
Patrick Brymier (hospital patient)
James Hurdle [Mr Davies] *
Karen Pearson [Mary] *
David Gardner [Dr Bennett] *
Sheldon Rybowski [1st child] *
Sufi Bukhari [2nd child] *
Anita Van Hazewyck [horse trainer] *
Mark Parr [clown] *
Frazier Mohawk [ringmaster] *
Brook Williams *

Alternative Titles

Equus – Blinde Pferde – West Germany
Fliehende Pferde – West Germany
Hevonen – Finland



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