Elves (1989)

USA, 1989
35mm film, colour

An American horror film directed by Jeff Mandel.

Plot Summary

A young woman is targeted by a group of Nazis who are performing experiments in selective breeding involving elves. She becomes trapped in a department store with a killer elf and the store’s Santa Claus can save her.


Director: Jeff Mandel
© 1989 Elves Production Ltd. MCMLXXXVIX
Action International Pictures
Executive Producers: John Fitzgerald, Jerry Graham, Dale Mitchell
Producer: Mark Paglia
Writer [sic] [opening credits] Written by [end credits]: Jeff Mandel, Mike Griffin, Bruce Taylor
Director of Photography: Ken Carmack
Editor [sic]: Tom Matthies, Ken Koenig, Douglas K. Grimm
Original Score: Vladimir Horunzhy
Production Sound: Camille Freer
Wardrobe: Sydney Hannah
Make-Up Artist: Rachael Perkins
Make-Up Special Effects: Patrick Denver
Special Effects Co-ordinator: Tim Drnec
Special Effects: Brian Veatch
Elf Effects Created by: Fantasy Workshop
Production Designer: Kari Stewart

Dan Haggerty (Mike McGavin)
Deanna Lund (Kirsten’s mother)
Julie Austin (Kirsten)
Borah Silver (Kirsten’s grandfather)
Mansell Rivers-Bland (Rubinkraur)
Christopher Graham (Willy)
Laura Lichstein (Brooke)
Stacey Dye (Amy)
Winter Monk (Kurt)
Jeff Austin (Emil)
Allen Lee (Dr Fitzgerald)
Paul Rohrer (Professor O’Conner)
Ken Carpenter (Shaver)
Michael Tatlock (Hugh Reed)
Michael Herst (Sgt DeSoto)
Chris Hamner (Kevin)
David Walker (Dave)
James Albert (Mark)
Douglas K. Grimm (dead Santa)
Bob Holland (wino)



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