Electric Dreams (1984)

UK, 1984
35mm film, Metrocolor
Dolby Stereo, English

A British science fiction film directed by Steve Barron.

Plot Summary

The new home computer bought by the nerdy and lonely Miles starts to develop a will of its own after champagne is accidentally spilt into it. The computer, now calling itself Edgar, falls in love with he neighbour Madeline, a young cellist who has also caught the eye of the shy Miles.


Directed by: Steve Barron
© Virgin Pictures Limited MCMLXXXIV [1984]
A Virgin Pictures production. From Virgin Films
Executive Producer: Richard Branson
Produced by: Rusty Lemorande & Larry DeWaay
Production Manager: Craig Pinkard
Production Supervisor: Basil Rayburn
Production Co-ordinators: Linda Taylor, Jill Vandermeer
Written by: Rusty Lemorande
1st Assistant Director: Roger Simons
Second Assistant Directors: Vic Smith, Ian Hickinbotham, Ian Bryce
Script Supervisor: Nikki Clapp
Director of Photography: Alex Thomson
2nd Unit Director of Photography: Stephen Lighthill
Camera Operator: Peter Macdonald
2nd Unit Operator: Terry Morrison
First Assistant Cameramen: John Campbell, Kevin Jewison
Second Assistant Cameramen: Eamonn D. O’Keefe, Douglas Hunt
Gaffer: David Clarke
Key Grip: Frank Batt
Stills Photographer: David James
Film Editor: Peter Honess
1st Assistant Editor: Chris Blunden
Assistant Editors: Steven Janisz, Steven Spencer, Jonathan Lucas
Post Production Co-ordinator: Pamela Parker
Colour by: Rank Film Laboratories
Post Production – Pinewood Studios, London, England
Original Score by: Giorgio Moroder
Music Mixer – Classical: Keith Grant
Music Editor: Scott Grusin
Fairlight Programming: Brian Gascoigne
Original Songs Performed by: P.P. Arnold, Culture Club, Heaven 17, Jeff Lynne, Giorgio Morder, Philip Oakey, Helen Terry
Classical Music Co-ordinator – Harry Rabinowitz
Sound Track Album exclusively on Virgin Records & Cassettes
Sound Mixer: Roy Charman
Re-Recording Mixers: Jay Harding, David Kimble, Greg Watkins
Re-recorded at: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios
Sound Editor: Peter Pennell
Dubbing Editors: Bill Trent, Bob Risk, Tony Message
Costumes Designed by: Ruth Myers
Mechanical Effects Supervisor: David Harris
Mechanical Effects: Andrew Kelly, Ray Lovell
Video Supervisor: Ian Kelly
Video Graphic Supervision: Tim Boxell
Video Graphics: Guy Dawson, Steve Lee
Video Editing: David Yardley
Additional Graphics: Cal-Video Ltd., Pacific Data Images
Video Dream Created by: Cucumber Studios
Additional Animation: Ginger Gibbons of Gingerbread Animation Ltd.
Production Designed by: Richard Macdonald
Art Director: Richard Dawking
Assistant Art Director: Roger Cain
Set Decorator: Peter Young
Leadman: James Poynter
Property Buyer: Dennis Maddison
Property Master: Eddie Francis
Construction Manager: Syd Nightingale
Construction Co-ordinator: Greg Callas
Production Accountant: John Bernard Wall
Assistant Accountants: Josephine O’Neill, Jay Roberts
Unit Publicist: Allen Burry
Music Instruction: Robert Hoppe, Victor Sazer
Nurse: Josephine Cornell
Arriflex Cameras Supplied by: J.D.C. – London
Lighting Equipment Supplied by: Lee Electric – London
Production Services by: Talent Payments, Inc./Production Payments, Inc. (TPI/PPI)
The producers would like to thank the following suppliers of films, commercials, products and music: Anheuser-Busch, Inc; Butterfield Franchise Corp; C A R E – “Crusade for Children” television promotion; Columbia Pictures Industries Inc.; Cosmair, Inc. – “L’Oreal Lips”; Walt Disney Productions; Dr. Pepper Company; Hatos-Hall Productions; KTVU News in San Francisco; Kaypro Corporation; Eric Lieber Productions/Telepictures Corporation; Lincoln Mercury Division of the Ford Motor Company; Marketing Communications Associates International, Inc.; McNeil Consumer Products Company; The Oakland Athletics Baseball Company; Pacific Bell Telephone; Paramount-Roy Rogers Music Company, Inc. “Happy Trails to You” by Dale Evans; Pepsi Cola Company, U.S.A.; The San Francisco Chronicle; Joe Sedelmeir, director & supplier of “Kaypro” & “Mr. Coffee”; Snapper Power Equipment Company; Summy Birchard Music Division of Birch Tree Group, Ltd./ASCAP – “Happy Birthday to You” by M. Hill, P. Hill; transportation and commercial excerpt provided by Transworld Airlines, Inc.; Union Underwear Company, Inc.; United States Air Force – National Anthem; UPA Productions of America – “Roy Rogers & Dale Evan” T.V. show; Volkswagen of America
Film Clip Research by: Bea Dennis
Excerpt Clearance by: Kimberly Faber of Reel Magic
Jigsaw Puzzle: “Ascending & Descending” by M.C. Escher © M.C. Escher COGW Beeldrecht Vermeulen 1984
Filmed on location in San Francisco and at Twickenham Film Studios, London, England
Location Managers: Clive Hedges, Clifford T.E. Roseman
Special thanks to the following people for their assistance: Jana Memel; Melinda Jason; Hillary Ripps; Zelda & Siobhan Barron; Robert Devereaux and Al Clark
Dedicated to the memory of the UNIVAC I
Casting: U.S.A.: Wally Nicita Associates, U.K.: Susie Figgis

Lenny von Dohlen (Miles [Harding])
Virginia Madsen (Madeline [Robistat])
Maxwell Caulfield (Bill)
Bud Cort as [the voice of] Edgar
Don Fellows (Ryley)
Alan Polonsky (Frank)
Wendy Miller (computer clerk)
Harry Rabinowitz (conductor)
Miriam Margolyes (ticket girl)
Holly De Jong (Ryley’s receptionist)
Stella Maris (woman at airport)
Mary Moran (Millie)
Diana Choy (check-out girl)
Jim Steck, Gary Pettinger, Bob Coffey, Mac McDonald (removal man)
Regina Walden, Howland Chamberlain (neighbours)
Patsy Smart (lady in ticket line)
Madeleine Christie (lady at concert)
Preston Lockwood (man at concert)
Shermaine Michaels (girl outside concert hall)
Lisa Vogel (tour guide)
Koo Stark (girl in soap opera)
Winston T. Dog (himself)
Gina Francis (sales girl/aerobics instructor)
Giorgio Moroder (radio producer)
Dr Ruth Westheimer (talk show host)
Frazer Smith (D.J.)

Includes extracts from
Forbidden Planet (1956)
The Giant Claw (1957)
Lost in Space (1965-1968).



  • Première April 1985 p.12 – review (by Michèle Halberstadt)