El vampiro sangriento (1962)

98m (USA), 110m (Mexico)
35mm film, black and white

A Mexican horror film directed by Miguel Morayta [Michael Morayta on English language prints].

Plot Summary

The family of Count Cagliostro has struggled for generations to rid the world of . The current Count entrusts a number of valuable documents to his daughter Ines, and her doctor fiance Richard. Ines goes undercover to infiltrate the castle of Count Frankenhausen but is unmasked by the evil undead Count…


Directed by: Miguel Morayta [Michael Morayta on English language prints]
English Language Version Directed by: Manuel San Fernando
© [not given on screen]
Internacional Sono-Film, Tele Talía Films S.A.
Produced by: Raphael Perez Grovas
Story and Screen Play by: Miguel Morayta [Michael Morayta on English language prints]
Director of Photography: Raoul Martinez Solares
Film Editor: Gloria Schoemann
Music Conducted by: Luis Hernandez Breton
Sound: Jesus González Gancy, James L. Fields
Make-up: Armando Meyer
Art Director: Manuel Fontanals

Begoáa Palacios (Anna “Ines” Cagliostro)
Erna Martha Bauman (Countess Eugenia Frankenhausen)
Raoul Farell (Dr Ricardo Pizarro/Peisser/Pizano)
Bertha Moss (Frau Hildegarde)
Carlos Agosti [Charles Agosti on English language prints] (Count Siegfried von Frankenhausen)
Lupe Carriles (Lupe, The innkeeper)
Francisco A. Cárdova (Gestas)
Rafael Etienne (torture chamber master)
Enrique Lucero (Lázaro)
Antonio Raxel (Count Valsamo de Cagliostro)
N. Leon “Frankenstein” (torturer)
Raoul Farell

Alternative Titles

The Bloody Vampire
Count Frankenhausen

La invasión de los vampiros (1963)



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