El proceso de las brujas (1970)

Spain, West Germany, Italy, UK, 2015
84m (USA), 82m (West Germany), 94m (Sweden), 96m (Spain), 97m (Argentina)
35mm film, colour, 2.35:1

A Spanish/West Germany/Italian/British borderline horror film directed by Jesus Franco using the pseudonym J. Frank Manera.

Plot Summary

In 1685 England, Alicia Gray is burnt for witchcraft and her sister Mary falls in love with Harry, a rebel fighting the forces of King James II. Harry is captured by the sadistic Lord Chief Justice Jeffreys, the man who condemned Alicia to death.


Directed by: J. Frank Manera [real name: Jesus Franco]
Fénix Films (Madrid), Terra Filmkunst (Munich), Prodimex Film (Rome), Towers of London
Producers: Arturo Marcos, Harry Alan Towers
Written by: Enrico Colomo, Jesus Franco
Director of Photography: Manuel Merino
Editor: Derek Parsons
German Version Editor: Gertrud Petermann
Music: Bruno Nicolai
Art Director: George O. Brown [real name: Jack Taylor]

Christopher Lee (Judge Jeffries)
Maria Schell (Mother Rosa)
Leo Genn (Lord Wessex)
Hans Hass [real name: Hans Hass Jr] (Harry Selton)
Maria Rohm (Mary Gray)
Margaret Lee (Alicia Gray)
Peter Martell [real name: Pietro Martellanza] (Barnaby)
Howard Vernon (Jack Ketch)
Milo Quesada (Satchel)

Alternative Titles

The Bloody Judge – English language title
Il giudice sanguinario – working title
Hexentöter von Blackmoor – Germany
El juez sangriento – working title
Night of the Blood Monster – English language title
Le trône de feu – France
Il trono di fuoco – Italy
The Witch Killer of Blackmoor – English language title



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