El gran amor del conde Drácula (1972)

Spain, 1972
35mm film, colour
mono, Spanish

A Spanish horror film directed by Javier Aguirre.

Plot Summary

In 1870, a quartet of travellers become stranded in the Carpathian mountains when their carriage loses a wheel. Seeking shelter, they take refuge in an abandoned asylum in the shadow of an imposing castle owner by the mysterious Mr Wendell who turns out to be the dreaded vampire Count Dracula.


* = uncredited

Director: Javier Aguirre
Janus Films, S.L. presents
Production Director: F. Lara Polop
Unit Manager: Miguel Ángel Bermejo
Script: Javier Aguirre, Alberto S. Insúa, Jacinto Molina [the real name of Paul Naschy]
Story: Jacinto Molina [the real name of Paul Naschy]
Characters: Bram Stoker *
Director of Photography: Raúl Pérez Cubero
Camera Operator: Manuel Mateos
2nd Camera Operator: Miguel Agudo
Lighting: Sadilsa
Stills Photography: Alejandro Dijes
Labs: Madrid Film
Editor: Petra de Nieva
Editor First Assistant: Miguel Angel Bermejo
Editing Assistant: Amalia Azcuaga
Music: Carmelo A. Bernaola
Sound Studios: EXA – Madrid
Make-up: Emilio Puyol
Make-up Assistant: Carlos Moreno
2nd Make-up Assistant: Julio Martin
Hairdresser: Mercedes Guillot
Wardrobe: Peris
Special Effects: Pablo Pérez
Art Directors: Cubero-Galicia
Props: Mateos-Luna-Mengibar
Set Construction: Coscin, S.L.
Script Secretary: Blanca Astiasu
Assistant to the Producer: Jose Salcedo
Assistant to the Director: Richard Walker
Locations: Madrid, Spain

Paul Naschy (Count Dracula, Dr Wendell Marlow)
Rosanna Yanni (Senta)
Haydée Politoff (Karen)
Mirta Miller (Elke)
José Manuel Martín
Julia Peña
Álvaro de Luna
Susana Latur
Benito Pavón
Leandro San José
Ingrid Garbo (Marlene)
Vic Winner [real name: Víctor Alcázar] (Imre)

Alternative Titles

Cemetery Girls – US reissue title
Cemetery Tramps
Count Dracula’s Great Love – USA
Count Dracula’s Greatest Love
I diabolici amori di nosferatu – Italy
Draculan suuri rakkaus – Finland
Dracula’s Great Love – US promotional title
Dracula’s Virgin Lovers
The Great Love of Count Dracula
Vampire Playgirls



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