El extraño amor de los vampiros (1975)

35mm film, Gevacolor
mono, Spanish

A Spanish horror film directed by León Klimovsky.

Plot Summary

A young 19th century aristocrat suffering a terminal disease becomes involved with an underground vampire cult.


Directed by: León Klimovsky
Isaac Hernández presents. A Richard Films, P.C. production
New Era Productions presents [US version only]
Produced by: Isaac Hernández [credited as Ren Mart on US prints]
Screenplay and Dialogue: Carlos Pumares, Juan José Daza
Based on an Idea by: Juan José Daza, Carlos Pumares, Juan José Porto
Photography: Miguel F. Mila [credited as Michael Milla on US prints]
Editor: José Antonio Rojo [credited as R. Younger on US prints]
Music by: Máximo Barratas
Sound Technician: [credited as Paul Corcisone on US prints]
Costume Designer: Tony Pueo
Make-up: José Antonio Sánchez [credited as Joe Anthony on US prints]
Special Effects: Pablo Pérez
Art Director: José Algueró

Emma Cohen [Catherine]
Carlos Ballesteros [credited as Charles Balest on US prints] [Rudolph de Winberg]
Vicky Lussón [María]
Rafael Hernández [Chris]
Mary Paz Pondal [Dara]
Barta Barri [credited as Bartha Barry on US prints] [Mijai]
Lorenzo Robledo [credited as L. Robled on US prints] [Patrick]
Manuel Pereiro [Padre de Catherine]
Roberto Camardiel [credited as Robert Camardiel on US prints] [Marcus
Tota Alba [Madre de Catherine]
Cristino Almodóvar [Hombre del pueblo]
Carmen Carro [Novia de Rick]
Amparo Climent [Mariam]
Carmen Contreras [real name: Carme Contreras] [Patrick's wopman]
José Luis de Diego
Antonio De Mossul [priest]
Ana Farra [Tendera]
Francisco García López [2nd man]
Baringo Jordan [Jean]

Alternative Titles

Blutsauger – West German re-release title
Macht des Blutes – West Germany
Night of the Walking Dead – USA
La noche de los vampiros – working title
Strange Love of the – USA
Los vampiros también aman – working title



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