El espanto surge de la tumba (1972)

Spain, 1972
88m (USA), 95m
35mm film, Eastmancolor
mono, Spanish

A Spanish horror film directed by Carlos Aured.


A warlock is beheaded and his wife tortured to death in medieval France. Centuries later, the warlock’s head is found and is restored to life, the warlock immediately possessing anyone he comes into contact with and driving them on to commit murders in order to find the rest of his body.


Director: Carlos Aured
Registered M-17.785-1972
Profilmes S.A. presents
Executive Producers: Ricardo Muñoz Suay, José Antonio Pérez Giner
Head of Production: Modesto Perez Redondo
Screenplay: Jacinto Molina
Director of Photography: Manuel Merino
Chief Editor: Javier Morán
Music: Carmelo A. Bernaola
Wardrobe: Cornejo
Makeup Created by: Julian Ruiz
Makeup: Ramona Gonzales Escribano
Hairdressing: Vicenta Palmero
Special Effects: Antonio Molina
Set Designer: Gumersindo Andrés

Paul Naschy (Ulric du Marnac/Hugo du Marnac/Armand du Marnac)
Emma Cohen (Elvira)
Vic Winner [real name: Víctor Alcázar] (Maurice Roland/Andre Roland)
Helga Liné (Mabille DeLancré)
Betsabé Ruiz
Luis Ciges
Julio Peña
María José Cantudo
Juan Cazalilla
Francisco Llinás
Ramón Centenero
Montserrat Julió
Francisco Nieto
Elsa Zabala
Esther Santana
Cristina Suriani

Alternative Titles

Blutmesse der Zombies – West Germany
Blutmesse für den Teufel – West Germany
Horror from the Tomb – USA
Horror Rises from the Tomb – USA
Mark of the Devil 4 – USA (video)
Il terrore sorge dalla tomba – Italy
Zombien verikosto – Finland


Cinefantastique vol.5 no.1 (Spring 1976) p.33
Very graphic and also very silly. – from a review by Jeffrey Frentzen

Fangoria no.234 (July 2004) p.73
Rises doesn’t make much sense, but there are generous helpings of gore and sex and you get to see Naschy doing his antihero thing once again – from an illustrated DVD review (DVD dungeon) by Matthew Kiernan



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