El caminante (1979)

35mm film, Eastmancolor

A Spanish horror film directed by Paul Naschy using his real name Jacinto Molina.

Plot Summary

takes human form as Senor Leonardo and sets off on a journey to see how Mankind has progressed over the centuries. He forces the seven deadly sins on anyone he meets as he tests individuals to see what the limits of human depravation can be. But as his year-long journey continues, he begins to believe that Mankind may have developed its own capacity for corruption, one that far outstrips his own.


Director: Jacinto Molina [real name: Paul Naschy]
Horus Films
Script: Jacinto Molina [real name: Paul Naschy], Eduardo Targioni
Director of Photography: Alejandro Ulloa
Music: Angel Arteaga

Silvia Aguilar
Rafael Conesa
Antonio Durán
Blanca Estrada
Jaime Gamboa
Sara Goyanes
Irene Gutiérrez Caba
Rafael Hernández
Paloma Hurtado
Eva León
Sara Lezana
Paul Naschy (Senor Leonardo/the Devil)
Manuel Pereiro
David Rocha
Pepe Ruiz
Mario Siles
Taida Urruzola
Adriana Vega


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