El ataúd del Vampiro (1958)

35mm film, black and white, 1.37:1
mono, Spanish

A Mexican horror film directed by Fernando Mendez.

Plot Summary

Graverobbers accidentally release a vampire from its tomb and her turns hem into his vampire slaves.


Directed by: Fernando Mendez
Cinematografica A.B.S.A. present
Produced by: Abel Salazar
Story: Raul Zenteno
Adaptation: Ramon Obon
Director of Photography: Victor Herrera
Editor: Alfredo Rosas Priego
Music: Gustavo C. Carrion
Sound Supervisor: James L. Fields
Music and Re-recording: Galdino Samperio “Crucy”
Dialogue Recording: Javier Mateos
Make-up: Ana Guerrero
Haidresser: Juana Lepe
Special Effects: Juan Muñoz Ravelo
Art Director: Gunther Gerszo

Abel Salazar (Dr Enrique Saldívar)
Ariadna Welter 1A psedonym for Ariadne Welter] (Marta González)
Germán Robles (Count Karol de Lavud)
Yeire Beirute [real name: Yerye Beirute] (Barraza)
Alicia Montoya (María Teresa)
Guillermo Orea (Doctor Mendoza)
Carlos Ancira (Gerente museo)
Antonio Raxel (director hospital)

Alternative Titles

El ataud del muerto – Mexican title
O Ataúde do Vampiro – Brazilian title
La bara del vampire – Italian title
Le Retour du vampire – French television title
El returno del vampire – alternative title
Der Sarg des Vampiro – Austrian/West German title
The Vampire's Coffin

Sequel to
El vampiro (1957)

Extracts included in
Horrible Horror (1986)
Shiver & Shudder Show (2002)



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