El ataque de los pájaros (1987)

Mexico, Puerto Rico, Peru, 1987
84m 15s (UK video), 84m 19s (PAL video)
Dolby Stereo, Spanish

A Mexican/Puerto Rican/Peruvian horror film directed by René Cardona Jr.

Plot Summary

A television reporter and her cameraman investigate the mysterious death of a farmer who has apparently been killed by his chickens. They discover that there have been other bird related killings and travel to Italy to meet the survivors of a town that had been wiped out by a series of bird attacks 30 years before.


Director: René Cardona Jr
Productora Filmica Real S.A., Taleski Studios Inc, Labarthe Films S.A., Televicine S.A., Producciones Patsa S.A., Dec. Films SRL.A., Laurent Films
Executive Producer: Francis Medina
Producer: René Cardona Jr
Associate Producers (USA): Pedro Amador, Taleski Inc, Televicine
Script/Story: René Cardona Jr
English Translation: David Silvain
Additional Dialogue: Roberto Schlosser, Eric Wenston
Director of Photography: Leopoldo Villaseñor
Editor: William Martin [real name: Jesús Paredes]
Music/Arranger: Stelvio Cipriani
Location Sound (Europe): Antonio Bloch
Location Sound (USA): Almicar Sanchez
Wardrobe (Europe): Dolores Marquerie
Wardrobe (USA): Vilma Martinez
Make Up (Europe): Cristobal Criado
Make Up (USA): Estela Sanchez G., Migdalia Correa
Hair (Europe): Ana Criado
Hair for Christoper Atkins (Europe): Greg Mitchell
Special Effects Director: Rene Cardona III
Art Director (Europe): Justo Pastor

Christopher Atkins (Peter)
Michelle Johnson (Vanessa)
Sonia Infante (Carmen)
Salvador Pineda (Joe)
Gabriele Tinti (Rod)
Aldo Sambrel (Arthur Neilsen)
Mene Morales (Sharon)
Manuel Pereyro (Bob)
Carol Connery (Susan)
Carol James (nurse)
May Heatnerly (Olivia)
Pilar Brescia (Alexandra)
Annet Wenhammer D. (Marian)
Frasisco Gutierrez P. (Alex)
Ismael Miranda (pilot)
Elmer Modlin (TV director)
Dalissa Villalobos (Liz)
Nohemio Garcia (George)
José Lifante (governor)
Michael Sondow (Chief of Police)

Alternative Titles

Beaks: The Movie – US title
Birds of Prey – UK title
Rov fugler – Norwegian video title

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