El asesino de muñecas (1974)

Spain, 1974
35mm film, Gevacolor


A Spanish horror film directed by Miguel Madrid using the pseudonym Michael Skaife.

Plot Summary

The sexually repressed son of a gardener mutilates the dolls he steals from the doll factory he works in then starts murdering young women, turning them into his new collection of “dolls”.


Director: Michael Skaife [real name: Miguel Madrid]
Michael Skaife [real name: Miguel Madrid] presents. Huracán Films S.A. *
Executive Producer: Jacinto Ferrer
Story, Screenplay and Dialogue: Michael Skaife [real name: Miguel Madrid]
Director of Photography: Pablo Ripoll
Editor: Luis Puigvert
Music: Alfonso Santisteban
Synchronization and Dubbing: Parlo Films S.A.
Costumer: Ana Salmeron
Make-up: Gabriel Comella
Hairdresser: Lolita Soler
Special Effects: Juan Sánchez
Set Decorator: R. Miro [real name: Ramón Miró]
Shot in Barcelona, Sitges and Castelldefels

David Rocha [Paul]
Inma de Santis [Audrey]
Helga Liné [the countess]
Elisenda Ribas
Marina Ferry
Lupe Rocha
Salvador Buchila
Alejandra Del Río
Marta Flores
Susana Taber
Isabel Gallardo
Rebeca Romer
“Indio” González [real name: Gaspar “Indio” González]
Antonio Moreno
Enrique Majó
“Indio” González Jr [real name: Rafael “Indio” González Jr]
José Ruiz Lifante [real name: José Lifante]
Fernando Ulloa
Ventura Oller [real name: Ventura Ollé]
Francisco Oteo

Alternative Titles

Killing of the Dolls – US video title



  • Eurocinéma vol.26 (1975) pp.42-43 – review (Il n’était pas un homme, pas une femme, il était… L’assassin des poupées by Javier Duran)