Egghead’s Robot (1970)

35mm film, colour
mono, English

A British science fiction comedy for directed by Milo Lewis.

Plot Summary

Boy genius ‘Egghead' Wentworth uses his father's latest invention, a lifelike robot, to replace him and do all his household chores.


Directed by: Milo Lewis
Copyright Children's Film Foundation Ltd. MCMLXX [1970]
Made by Interfilm (London) Limited in association with the Film Producers Guild Ltd for The Children's Film Foundation
Produced by: Cecil Musk
Production Manager: Edward Dorian
Script and Story by: Leif Saxon
Assistant Director: Gordon Gilbert
Continuity: Jean Ives
Director of Photography: John Coquillon
Camera Operator: Peter Hendry
Editor: Archie Ludski
Music Composed and Conductor by: Gordon Langford
Sound: Laurie Clarkson
Art Direction: Peter Mullins
Made on location at Wimbledon and at Merton Park Studios, London, England

The children
Keith Chegwin (Egghead Wentworth)
Jeffrey Chegwin (Eric the robot)
Kathryn Dawe (Elspeth)

The adults
Roy Kinnear (park keeper)
Richard Wattis (Paul Wentworth)
Patricia Routledge (Mrs Wentworth)



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