Edward II (1991)

35mm film, colour, 1.66:1
Dolby, English

A British drama with fantasy elements directed by Derek Jarman.


Director: Derek Jarman
BBC, British Screen Productions, Edward II, Working Title Films
Executive Producer: Simon Curtis, Sarah Radclyffe
Producers: Steve Clark-Hall, Antony Root
Script: Ken Butler, Steve Clark-Hall, Derek Jarman, Stephen McBride, Antony Root
Play: Christopher Marlowe
Director of Photography/Camera Operator: Ian Wilson
Editor: George Akers
Music: Simon Fisher-Turner
Sound Recordists: Billy McCarthy, George Richards
Costume Designer: Sandy Powell
Make-up Designer: Morag Ross
Production Designer: Christopher Hobbs

Steven Waddington (Edward II)
Kevin Collins (Lightborn)
Andrew Tiernan (Piers Gaveston)
John Lynch (Spencer)
Dudley Sutton (Bishop of Winchester)
Tilda Swinton (Isabella)
Jerome Flynn (Kent)
Jody Graber (Prince Edward)
Nigel Terry (Mortimer)
Jill Balcon, Barbara New, Andrea Miller, Brian Mitchell, David Glover, John Quentin, Andrew Charleson (Chorus of Nobility)
Roger Hammond (Bishop)
Allan Corduner (poet)
Annie Lennox (singer)
Tony Forsyth (captive policeman)
Lloyd Newson, Nigel Charnock (dancers)
Mark Davis, Andy Jeffrey (sailors)
Barry John Clarke (man with snake)
John Henry Duncan, Thomas Duncan (altar boys)
Giles De Montigny, Jonathan Stables, Michael Watkins, Robb Dennis (soldiers on guard)
David Oliver, Chris McHallem, Chris Adamson, Danny Earl (thugs)

Alternative Titles

Edoardo II – Italy
Eduardo II – Brazil/Spain

Extracts included in
The Celluloid Closet (1995)



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