Eaten Alive (1976)

87m (UK); 91m
35mm film, colour, 1.85:1
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Tobe Hooper.


Visitors to a dilapidated in the of east Texas are brutally murdered by its psychotic owner and fed to the crocodile he keeps beneath the building.


Directed by: Tobe Hooper
Copyright MCMLXXVI [1976] Mars Production Corporation
A Virgo International Pictures release. A Mars production. Mardi Rustam presents
Executive Producer: Mohammed Rustam
Produced by: Mardi Rustam
Co-produced by: Alvin L. Fast
Associate Producers: Samir Rustam, Larry Huly, Robert Kantor
Written by: Alvin L. Fast and Mardi Rustam
Adapted for the Screen by: Kim Henkel
Director of Photography: Robert Caramico
Editor: Michael Brown
Music Composed, Conducted and Arranged by: Tobe Hooper, Wayne Bell
Production Sound Mixer: Bob Dietz
Wardrobe: Greg Tittinger, Jane Mancbach
Make-up/Hair: Craig Reardon, Beth Rogers
Special Effects: A&A
Mechanical Alligator and Crocodile Furnished by: Bob Mattey
Art Director/Set Designer: Marshall Reed
Casting: Eddie Morse

Neville Brand (Judd)
Mel Ferrer (Harvey Wood)
Carolyn Jones as Miss Hatty [Hattie in the end credits]
Marilyn Burns (Faye)
William Finley (Roy)
Stuart Whitman as Sheriff Martin
Roberta Collins (Clara Woods)
Kyle Richards (Angie)
Robert Englund (Buck)
Crystin Sinclaire (Libby Wood)
Janus Blyth (Lynette)
Betty Cole (Ruby)
Sig Sakowicz (Deputy Girth)
Ronald W. Davis (country boy)
Christine Schneider (waitress)
David Hayward (the cowboy)
David Goat Carson (Marlo)
Lincoln Kibbee (first guy in bar)
James Galanis (second guy in bar)
Tarja Leena Halinen, Caren White, Valerie Lukeart, Jeanne Reichert (Miss Hattie's girls)
Scuffy (dog)

Alternative Titles

Akuma no nuwa – Japan
Blutrausch – West Germany
Le Crocodile de la mort – France
Death Trap – Die Nacht der Bestie – West Germany
Death Trap – UK
Devorado vivo – Argentina (video)
Eaten Alive – Canada
Horror Hotel Massacre
Horror Hotel
Krokodil – Turkey
Legend of the Bayou
Mancat de viu – Romania
Murder on the Bayou
Obsesión escalofriante – Colombia
To pandoxeio tou tromou – Greece
Quel motel vicino alla palude – Italy
Slaughter Hotel – USA (re-release)
Sta sagonia tou krokodeilou – Greece
Starlight Slaughter
Trampa mortal – Spain
Zjedzeni zywcem – Poland

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