Early Warning (1981)

35mm film, colour, 1.37:1
mono, English
Reviewed at The

An American science fiction film directed by David R. Elliott.

Plot Summary

An evil secret organisation, the One World Foundation, is manipulating the world's population, creating a global atmosphere of fear and despair allowing them to take over the world. Newspaper journalist Sam Jensen comes across the conspiracy story when he's approached by Christian Jenny Marshal who wants him to publish a story exposing the conspiracy as the “end times” approach.


Directed by: David R. Elliott
Copyright Missionary Enterprises 1981
Missionary Enterprises presents
Produced by: Paul Goodman
Written by: David R. Elliott
Director of Photography: James P. Garvey
Editors: Greg Hobson, Dale Hermanson
Music: Ted Nichols
Location Recordist: Mary Jo DeVenney
Wardrobe: Kina Flower [real name: Verkina Flower]
Make-up and Hairdresser: Kelly McGowan
Art Director: Mark Klopfenstein

Delana Michaels (Jenny)
Greg Wynne [real name: Christopher Wynne] (Sam)
Alvy Moore (Paul)
Joe Chapman (Stonefield)
Bill Sax (intruder)
Don Wyse (Col. McDonald)
John Monks Jr (Plummer)
Buck Flower [real name: George ‘Buck' Flower] (Tucker)
Pati Duran [real name: Pati Balderas] (Cobra)
Gregg Palmer (Sgt. O'Malley)
Belle Richter (Belle)
Crista Sides (bank teller)
Joe Crawford (computer tech)
Harold Mosie (Noah)
Verkina Flower (Melody)
Laurie Adams (girl)
Marlene Christopher (Sugita)
Ed Brassard, Joe Mealy, Peter Griffin, Phil Simms, David Stafford, Richard Sands (guards)



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