Duran Duran: Greatest: The Videos (1999)

UK, USA, 1999
colour, black and white
Dolby Digital, English

A British/American fantasy music video compilation.

Plot Summary

A compilation of music videos featuring British pop band Duran Duran.


Video Directors: Dean Chamberlain (All She Wants Is); Godley and Crème [a pseudonym for Kevin Godley and Lol Crème] (Girls on Film; A View to a Kill); Nick Egan (Ordinary World); Ian Emes (The Chauffeur); Brian Grant (New Moon on Monday); Paula Grief, Peter Kagan (Notorious; Skin Trade); Steve Lowe (I Don’t Want Your Love); Adrian Martin (Burning the Ground); Simon Milne (Union of the Snake); Russell Mulcahy (Planet Earth; Hungry Like the Wolf; Save a Prayer; Rio; Is There Something I Should Know?; The Reflex; The Wild Boys); Big T.V. (Serious); Ellen Von Unwerth (Electric Barbarella)
Capitol Records
Producers: Jeremy Barrett (Serious); Michael Berrow, Paul Berrow, Barbara Burleigh (Union of the Snake); Jacqui Byford (Is There Something I Should Know?); Ian Emes (The Chauffeur); Eric Fellner (Hungry Like the Wolf; Save a Prayer); Elizabeth Flowers (All She Wants Is); Lexi Godfrey (Girls on Film; A View to a Kill); Paula Grief, Peter Kagan (Notorious; Skin Trade); Chrissie Smith (Planet Earth; The Reflex; The Wild Boys)
Line Producer: Louise Barlow (Notorious)
Directors of Photography: Peter Kagan (Notorious; Skin Trade); Daniel Pearl (The Reflex)
Editors: Laura Israel, Glenn Lazzaro (Notorious; Skin Trade)
Locations: Antigua, Guatemala; Australia; London, England, UK; Soho, London, England, UK; Sri Lanka; Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Tour d’Eiffel, Champ de Mars, Paris, France
Studio: Shepperton Studios, Shepperton, Surrey, England, UK

Simon Le Bon
Nick Rhodes
Andy Taylor
John Taylor
Roger Taylor
Paul Gambaccini

All She Wants Is (1988)
Burning the Ground (1989)
The Chauffeur (1982)
Electric Barbarella (1997)
Girls on Film (1981)
Hungry Like the Wolf (1982)
I Don’t Want Your Love (1988)
Is There Something I Should Know? (1983)
New Moon on Monday (1984)
Notorious (1986)
Ordinary World (1993)
Planet Earth (1981)
The Reflex (1984)
Rio (1982)
Save a Prayer (1982)
Serious (1990)
Skin Trade (1987)
Union of the Snake (1983)
A View to a Kill (1985b)
The Wild Boys (1984)