Dungeon of Desire (1999)

35mm film, colour

An American fantasy film directed by Rachel Gordon.

Plot Summary

A photographer and her two beautiful models accidentally travel back to medieval times when they experiment with a magical chastity belt.


Director: Rachel Gordon
Surrender Cinema, Twilight Entertainment
Producer: Pat Siciliano
Script: Earl Kenton
Director of Photography: Skip Ross
Editor: Mark Polonia
Music: Rick Butler, Randy Derchan
Production Sound Mixer: Jimmy Mack
Costume Designer: Slater Waisenen
Key Make-up: Teri Groves
Special Visual Effects: John R. Ellis, David Lange, Jerrod Cornish
Production Designer: Jay Diggler

Michelle Turner [real name: Susan Featherly] (Carrie)
Amber Newman (Vickie)
Regina Russell (Jill)
Mia [real name: Mia Zottoli] (Gwen)
Ed Johnson (Eric)
Burke Morgan (Marcus)
Todd Smith (Adam)
Venessa Blair (Aura)
John Stevens (captain of the guard)
Billy Riverside (Tony)
Marie Monet (secretary)
Stella Porter (lady in waiting)
Everett Rodd (guard 1)
Igor Vladimir (guard 2)
Christopher Damian (guard 3)
Ford Mandalay [real name: Thomas Vozza] (guard 4)