Due occhi diabolici (1990)

Italy, 1989
105m (France – theatrical; USA – video), 112m (Italy – video), 114m 59s (UK – video), 115m (Italy – theatrical; USA – theatrical)
35mm film, colour
Dolby Stereo, English

An Italian horror film directed by George Romero and Dario Argento.

Plot Summary

La verità sul casa di mister Valdemar: An unfaithful wife tries to embezzle her dying husbands millions by getting her doctor lover to hypnotise the man into signing his fortune over to her. But during the process, The man dies and is trapped in limbo between life and death.

Il gatto nero: An alcoholic forensic photographer kills the stray cat adopted by his wife and slowly loses his mind when the cat appears to be haunting him. His madness causes him to hallucinate and ultimately leads him to murder.


* = uncredited

Directed by: George Romero [La verità sul casa di mister Valdemar]; Dario Argento [Il gatto nero]
© [not given on screen]
Achille Manzotti presents a film by Dario Argento and George Romero. An ADC, Gruppo Bema production
Executive Producers: Claudio Argento and Dario Argento
Screenplay by: George Romero [La verità sul casa di mister Valdemar]; Dario Argento and Franco Ferrini [Il gatto nero]
Directors of Photography: Peter Renniers [La verità sul casa di mister Valdemar]; Beppe Maccari [Il gatto nero]
Film Editor: Pasquale Buba
Music by: Pino Donaggio
Production Sound Mixer: Felipe Borrero
Costume Designer: Barbara Anderson
Make-up Artist and Hair Stylist: Jeannee Josefczyk
Special Make-up Effects Supervisor: Tom Savini Ltd.
Production Designer: Cletus Anderson
Locations: Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, USA *; Allegheny, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, USA *; Fox Chapel, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, USA *; Westin William Penn Hotel, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, USA *; The Edgar Allan Poe House, Baltimore, Massachussetts, USA *

La verità sul casa di mister Valdemar
Adrienne Barbeau [Jessica Valdemar]
Ramy Zada [Dr Robert ‘Bob' Hoffman]
Bingo O'Malley [Ernest ‘Ernie' Valdemar]
Jeff Howell [policeman]
E.G. Marshall as [Steven] “Pike”

Il gatto nero
Harvey Keitel [Roderick Usher]
Madeleine Potter [Annabel]
John Amos [Detective Inspector LeGrand]
Sally Kirkland as “Eleonora”
Kim Hunter [Gloria Pym]
Holter Ford Graham
Martin Balsam as “Mr Pym”

Alternative Titles

Two Evil Eyes – UK, USA
Deux yeux maléfiques – France
Los ojos del diablo
Due occhi malocchio – early title
Metropolitan Horrors – early title
Poe – early title
Edgar Allan Poe – early title

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