Drillbit (1992)

videotape, colour
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A British science fiction/horror film directed by Alex Chandon.

Plot Summary

In a chaotic and violent near-future a cure for causes its victims to become .


Directed by: Alex Chandon
Copyright 1992 Alex Chandon, Duncan Jarman
Shape-Shifting Film presents a Shape-Shifting Film
Special FX by: Duncan Jarman and Dominic Hailstone
Many thanks to Jim Van Bebber for narration
Many thanks to the cast and crew who were Saul Brignell, Miranda Morten, Julian Portinari, Roger Robinson, Tom Cox, Leno, Mick, Maria Karapateas, Rob, Will, Jim, Jason, Theo Chandon, Joe, Mel, Marcus, Lotu, Carla Linley, Matt Gross, George Lawson, John and Ben Perkins, Bill Corbett, Gerry Judah, The Bunker Posse, Hannah Cox, Mosey Le-Compte, Joe and Dan Carrier, David Jarman, Matt, Nick, Martin, Neil Keenan, Andrew Collins, Justino Gaveleto, Kate and Amy De-Rees, Paul, Pickup, Dan Barton, Gabriel George, Emma Robinson, and people who were dead bodies.
Also thank to John and Bod for crazy clothes, Paul Adams for fight and machine gun, Blob and Techno for music, New Blood Films for car roll, Theatrical Pyro Ltd. and anyone we forget and Mike for titles

Ben Befell (Drillbit)