Dream No Evil (1970)

35mm, colour (Cinechrome)
mono, English

An American horror film directed by John Hayes.

Plot Summary

Grace MacDonald is obsessed with finding her long lost father. When she finally finds him he's dead – until she appears to wish him back to life as a dangerous maniac. But is he real, or just a figment of Grace's troubled mind?


Directed by: John Hayes
© [not given on screen]
Clover Films presents
Produced by: Daniel Cady, John Hayes
Production Mgr.: Tony Vorno
Written by: John Hayes
Assistant Director: Jerome Guardino
Asst. to Director: Rebecca Vorno
Director of Photography: Paul Hipp
Camera: Ron Johnson
Grips: Bret Pearson, Glenn Gondy, George Engelson
Stills: Paul Turner
Film Editor: Luke Porano [real name: Luke Porand]
Color: Cinechrome
Music: Jaime Mendoza-Nava
Sound Recordist: Mike Glaser
Sound Mixing: Cinesound, Inc.
Costumes: Logan
Makeup: Ronald Sallon
Titles: Willard Tidwell
Opticals: Van der Veer Photo Effects
Art Director: Lee Fischer
Set Decoration: Michael March
Property Master: Rufus Herrick
Stunts: Joe Pronto, Teri McComas, Ray Saniger

Edmond O'Brien (Timothy MacDonald)
Brooke Mills (Grace MacDonald)
Marc Lawrence (pimp/undertaker)
Michael Pataki (Reverend Jesse Bundy)
Paul Prokop (Dr Patrick Bundy)
Arthur Franz (psychiatrist)
D.J. Anderson (Shirley)
Nadyne Turney
Vickie Schreck (Grace as a child)
William Guhl (Sheriff Mike Pender)
Pearl Shear (landlady)
Elizabeth Ross
Mary Carver
Jay Scott (deputy at landfill)

Alternative Titles

The Faith Healer – alternative title
Now I Lay Me Down to Die


Screem vol.16 (2008) p.45 – review (by Mike Sullivan)