DragonHeart (1996)

35mm film, Panavision (anamorphic), colour, 2.35:1
DTS Stereo, English

An American fantasy film directed by Rob Cohen.

Plot Summary

Bowen the dragonslayer meets the last of the , Draco, and together they team up to form a travelling con-trick – Bowen claims that a village is threatened by Draco, pretends to kill him, then they pocket the reward. But Draco once saved the life of Einon, who has now grown up to be the cruel and evil ruler of the kingdom and the psychic bond between them compels Draco to help save the people from Einon's terrible rule.


* = uncredited

Director: Rob Cohen
Universal Pictures
Executive Producers: Patrick Read Johnson, David Rotman
Producer: Raffaella De Laurentiis
Co-Producer: Hester Hargett
Associate Producers: Kelly Breidenbach, Herbert W. Gains
Script: Charles Edward Pogue
Story: Patrick Read Johnson, Charles Edward Pogue
Director of Photography: David Eggby
Editor: Peter Amundson
Music: Randy Edelman
Sound Recordists: Charlie Ajar Jr, Bill Meadows *
Costume Designer: Thomas Casterline, Anna Sheppard
Make Up Supervisor: Giannetto De Rossi
Chief Hair: Mirella De Rossi
Special Effects Supervisor: Kit West
Visual Effects: Illusion Arts Inc; Industrial Light and Magic; Tippett Studio
Production Designer: Benjamin Fernandez

Dennis Quaid (Bowen)
David Thewlis (King Einon)
Pete Postlethwaite (Gilbert of Glockenspur)
Dina Meyer (Kara)
Jason Isaacs (Lord Felton)
Brian Thompson (Brok)
Lee Oakes (Young Einon)
Wolf Christian (Hewe)
Terry O'Neill (Redbeard)
Eva Vejmelkova (Felton's minx)
Milan Bahul (swamp village chief)
Peter Hric (King Freyne)
Sandra Kovacicova (young Kara)
Kyle Cohen (boy in field)
Thom Baker (Aislinn's chess partner)
Julie Christie (Queen Aislinn)
Sean Connery (voice of Draco)
John Gielgud [voice of ] *
Buddy Quaid [cook/servant] *

Alternative Titles

Coeur de dragon – French title
Coração de Dragão – Portugese title
Dragonheart (Corazón de dragón) – Spanish title
Ostatni smok – Polish title
Sárkányszív – Hungarian title
Viimeinen lohikäärme – Finnish title
Zmajevo srce – Slovenian title

Sequel to
DragonHeart: A New Beginning (2000)


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