Dracula’s Dog (1977)

35mm film, colour, 1.66:1
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Albert Band.

Plot Summary

A vampire dog is revived following an explosion and it sets off in search of a new master.


Directed by: Albert Band
© Vic Cinema Productions B.V. MCMLXXVII [1977]
An Albert Band, Frank Ray Perilli, Vic Productions film
Production Executive: Philip Collins
Produced by: Albert Band and Frank Ray Perilli
Written by: Frank Ray Perilli
Photographed by: Bruce Logan
Edited by: Harry Keramidas
Music Composed and Arranged by: Andrew Belling
Sound Effects by: Sam Shaw
Wardrobe: Sterling Von Franck
Make-up Design by: Stan Winston
Make-up Artist: Zoltan Elek
Art Direction: P.F.O.M.
Zoltan's Trainer: Karl Miller
Animals Furnished by: Lou Schumacher

Michael Pataki (Michael Drake, Count )
Reggie Nalder as Veidt Smit
Jan Shutan (Marla Drake)
Libbie Chase (Linda Drake)
John Levin (Steve Drake)
José Ferrer as Inspector Branco
Cleo Harrington (Mrs Parks)
Tom Gerrard (guard)
Bob Miller (lieutenant)
Gordon McGill (officer)
Al Ferrara (deputy)
Roger Pancake (sheriff)
Sally Marr, Merryl Jay, Jackie Drake (campers)
John Kirby, Darlene Craviotta (travellers)
Lou Schumacher, Carl Morrison (customs inspectors)
Dimitri Logothetis, Chris George, Dwight Krizman (soldiers)
Roger Schumacher (hiker)
Dominic Ferlan (villager)
Katherine Fitzpatrick (Dracula's victim)
Joan Leone (airport personel)
Arleen Martell (Major Hessle)
Simmy Bow, Jojo D'Amore (fishermen)

Alternative Titles

Zoltan… Hound of Dracula



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