Dracula’s Daughter (1936)

USA, 1936
71m, 8 reel
35mm film, black and white, 1.37:1
mono (Noiseless Western Electric Recording), English

An American horror film directed by Lambert Hillyer.

Plot Summary

is facing prosecution for the murder of Dracula until the dead vampire's body disappears. It's been stolen and cremated by the mysterious Hungarian countess, Marya Zaleska who has turned to psychiatrist Jeffrey Garth for help escaping from a sinister evil heritage…


Directed by: Lambert Hillyer
Copyright MCMXXXVI [1936] by Universal Productions, Inc.
A Universal picture. Universal presents
Associate Producer: E.M. Asher
Screenplay: Garrett Fort
Story: John L. Balderston
Based on a work [Dracula's Guest] by: Bram Stoker
Suggested by: Oliver Jeffries [real name: David O. Selznick]
Cinematographer: George Robinson
Film Editor: Milton Carruth
Sound Supervisor: Gilbert Kurland
Gowns by: Brymer
Special Cinematographer: John P. Fulton
Art Director: Albert S. D'Agostino

Otto Kruger ([Dr] Jeffrey Garth)
Gloria Holden (Countess Marya Zaleska (Dracula's daughter))
Marguerite Churchill (Janet [Blake])
Edward Van Sloan (Professor Von Helsing)
Gilbert Emery (Sir Basil Humphrey)
Irving Pichel (Sandor)
Halliwell Hobbes (Hawkins)
Billy Bevan (Albert)
Nan Grey (Lili)
Hedda Hopper (Lady Esme Hammond)
Claude Allister (Sir Aubrey [Vail])
Edgar Norton (Hobbs)
E.E. Clive (Sergeant Wilkes)

Alternative Titles

Córka Drakuli – Poland
Daughter of Dracula
Draculas dotter
– Sweden
La figlia di Dracula
– Italy
La fille de Dracula
– France
La hija de Drácula
– Argentina, Spain

Sequel to
Dracula (1931)

Son of Dracula (1943)
House of Frankenstein (1944)
House of Dracula (1945)
Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein (1948)

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Production Notes

Universal originally announced that Bela Lugosi would be in the film, reprising his role as Dracula 1The Hollywood Reporter vol.22 no.18 (28 July 1934 p.3, 2Kinematograph Weekly vol.221 no.1474 (18 July 1935) p.4 with The Daily Renter reporting that the actor had returned to the States after filming The Mystery of the Mary Celeste (1936) in England on 21 August 1935 3The Daily Film Renter vol.9 no.2633 (21 August 1935) p.7 His role in the film was becoming less certain by the end of the month when The Hollywood Reporter noted only that Lugosi “will probably” be in Dracula's Daughter 4The Hollywood Reporter vol.29 no.1 (19 August 1935) p.4.

The film was released in the States on 11 May 1936 5Universal Horrors by Michael Brunas, John Brunas and Tom Weaver.



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