Dracula cerca sangue di vergine (1973)

93m (USA – R rated version); 103m; 106m (US X-rated version); 108m
35mm film, Eastmancolor, 1.85:1
mono, Italian
Reviewed at The EOFFTV Review

An Italian horror film directed by Paul Morrisey. Antonio Margheriti made repeated claims to have directed the film but actor Udo Kier denied this. Morrisey claimed that Margheriti was only employed to offer technical advice on the 3D process and that he never actually saw Margheriti on set.

Plot Summary

An ailing Count is so desperate for virgin's blood that he and his servant Anton pack up his coffin and head of for Catholic Italy in search of particularly religious women. He can't believe his luck when he moves in with a family that has no les than four daughters, all apparently – but unknown to him (and indeed their father), the girls have been visiting the handsome and virile young servant who sets out to save the only true virgin in the only way he knows…


* = uncredited

Directed by: Paul Morrisey; Antonio Marheriti [credited on Italian prints]
© 1974 Compagnia Cinematografica Champion S.p.A.
Andy Warhol presents [US version]
Executive Producers:
Produced by: Andrew Braunsberg
Written by: Paul Morrisey
Photography: Luigi Kuveiller
Editors: Jed Johnson, Franca Silvi
Music Composed and Conducted by: Claudio Gizzi
Sound Mixer: Carlo Palmieri
Wardrobe Supervisor: Benito Persico
Make-up: Mario di Salvio
Hairdresser: Paolo Franceschi
Special Effects: Carlo Rambaldi
Production Designer: Enrico Job

Joe Dallesandro [Mario Balato]
Udo Kier [Dracula]
Arno Juerging [Anton]
Maxime McKendry [La Marchesa Di Fiore]
Milena Vukotic [Esmeralda]
Dominique Darel [Saphiria]
Stefania Casini [Rubinia]
Silvia Dionisio [Perla]
Inna Alexeievna
Gil Cagnie [townsman]
Emi Califri
Eleonora Zani
Vittorio De Sica as Il Marchese Di Fiore
Roman Polanski [man in tavern] *

Alternative Titles

Andy Warhol's Dracula – Germany, USA
Andy Warhol's Young Dracula
Blood for Dracula – UK
Dracula vuole vivere: cerca sangue di vergine! – alternative title
Du sang pour Dracula – France
Sangre para Drácula – Argentina, Venezuela
Sangue Virgem para Drácula – Portugal
Young Dracula



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