Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (1999)

Canada, Australia, 1999
35mm film, colour, 4:3
mono, English

A Canadian/Australian science fiction/horror television film directed by Colin Budds.


Director: Colin Budds
Telescene Film Group Productions
Executive Producers: Francis Ford Coppola, Jeffrey M. Hayes, Paul E. Painter, Greg Coote, Rich Melcombe, Robin Spry
Co-executive Producer: Peter M. Lenkov
Producer: Darryl Sheen
Script: Peter M. Lenkov
Director of Photography: Mark Wareham
Editor: Suresh Ayyar
Music: Garry McDonald, Lawrence Stone
Supervising Sound Editor: Christian Rivest
Costume Designer: Jean Turnbull
Make-up Supervisor: Sharon Robbins
Hair Supervisor: Sharon Robbins
Art Director: Daryl Porter

Adam Baldwin (Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde)
Steve Bastoni (McAfee/Newcomen)
Anthony Wong (Barry Tong)
Jason Chong (Ah Yee)
Karen Cliche (Muriel)
Kira Clavell (Connie)
Helene Joy (Mary Riley)
Peter Gow (Lo Mang Ho)
Alistair McDougall
Aaron Cash (Oliver)
Chang Tseng (Dr Chau/Mr Wong/hooded man)
Linden Goh (Kano)
Steve Tan (Soon Han)
Stewart Tsui (Cerio)
Richard Chong (Whang Kim)
Paul Chong (Kwon)
Miles Paras (Madame Xue)
Hannah Wang (Poole)
Barry Langrishe (Nigel Thorpe)
Philip Holder (Dr Ivers)

Alternative Titles

Prophecy of the Tiger – Die Rache des Tigers – Germany
Tiger, The – Finland



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