Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1981)

UK, USA, Australia, 6 January 1981
colour, 4:3
mono, English

A British/American/Australian horror television film directed by Alastair Reid.

Plot Summary

Straight laced Dr Henry Jekyll is experimenting with a potion to separate the dark side of human beings, creating the devilish Edward Hyde.


Directed by: Alastair Reid
© BBC MCMLXXX [1980]
A BBC TV production in association with Time-Life and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Producer: Jonathan Powell
Production Unit Manager: Frank Pendlebury
Written by: Gerald Savoury
From the original story by: Robert Louis Stevenson
Script Editor: Sally Head
Director’s Assistant: Jean Davis
Studio Lighting: Howard King, Brendan Carr
Senior Studio Cameraman: Ron Green
Film Cameraman: Peter Hall
Technical Manager: Robert Hignett
Videotape Editor: Alan Goddard
Film Editor: Dan Rae
Vision Mixer: Shirley Coward
Music Composed and Played by: Dave Greenslade
Studio Sound: Derek Miller-Timmins
Film Sound: Graham Hare
Dubbing Mixer: Stan Morcom
Costume Designer: Joyce Mortlock
Make-up Artist: Sylvia Thornton
Special Effects: Ian Scoones
Video Effects: A.J. Mitchell
Designer: Tony Abbott
Property Buyer: Brian Read
Graphic Designer: Dick Bailey
Assistant Floor Managers: Morag Bain, Kate Osborne
Production Assistants: Robert H. Gabriel, Romey Allison

David Hemmings as Dr [Henry] Jekyll and Mr [Edward] Hyde
Ian Bannen (Oliver Utterson)
Lisa Harrow (Ann Coggeshall)
Clive Swift (Hastie Lanyon)
Diana Dors as Mrs [Kate] Winterton
Toyah Willcox (Janet)
Roland Curram (Poole)
Ben Aris (Inspector Newcomen)
Desmond Llewelyn (Sir Danvers Carew)
Gaye Brown (Diane)
Sevilla Delofski (Fifi)
Keith Hodiak (Kangaroo)
Gretchen Franklin (cook)
Jane Slaughter (Gwen)
Roger Davidson (Bradshaw)
Anna Faye (Mary)
Ashley Knight (boy prostitute)
Candida Fawsitt (whore)
Antony Carrick (prison governor)
Terry Downes (prisoner)
Richard Griggs (policeman)
Sheelagh Wilcocks (Mrs Willoughby)
Linda Spurrier (poor mother)
Daniel Chamberlain (sick child)
Kenteas Brine (Argyll prostitute)
Angela Catherall (dollymop)
Tim Calver (Argyll pimp)

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