Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1956)

UK, 3 November -8 December 1956
1 series, 6 episodes, average 30m
videotape, black and white, 4:3
mono, English

A British horror television series directed by Philip Saville for the BBC.


Scientist Dr Jekyll discovers a potion that allows him to free his inner beast, transforming him into the monstrous Mr Hyde.


Director: Philip Saville
Producer: Philip Saville
Adaptation: James Parish
Based on the novel by: Robert Louis Stevenson
Designer: Bertram Tyrer

Dennis Price (Dr Jekyll)
Ian Fleming (Dr Lanyon)
Philip Ray (Utterson)
Nancy Nevinson (Mrs Woodford)
Helena Pickard (Mrs Ellerton)
Paddy Webster (Katherine)
Oliver Johnston (Poole)
Renee Goddard (Rosie)
Olive Sloane (Rosie's friend)
John Falconer (Mr Guest)
Anita Sharp-Bolster (Hyde's housekeeper)
David Graham (Albert)
Nicholas Bruce (Richard Enfield)
Billy Milton (photographer)
Linda Lawrence (the child)
Sam Kydd (child's father)
Hilda Barry (Rosie's landlady)


Good Evening, Mr Hyde (3 November 1956)
Mr Utterson's Encounter (10 November 1956)
Banishment of Mr Hyde (17 November 1956)
Mr Hyde Takes Command (24 December 1956)
Nightmare for Dr Lanyon (1 December 1956)
The Last Hour (8 December 1956)



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