Downtime (1995)

UK, 1995
videotape, colour, 4:3
stereo, English

A British science fiction film directed by Christopher Barry.

Plot Summary

Former UNIT head Brigadier Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart when former Doctor companion Victoria Waterfield, now a university chancellor, uncovers a plot to attack the Earth by and its army of robot robot .


Director: Christopher Barry
© Reeltime Pictures, Tropicana Holdings, Dominitemporal Services MCMXCV [1995]
A Reeltime Pictures production. Tropicana Holdings production. A Dominitemporal Services production
Producer: Keith Barnfather
Associate Producers: Ian Levine, Paul Cuthbert-Brown, Andrew Beech
[Written] By/Original Story & Screenplay: Marc Platt
Script Advisors: Terrance Dicks, Mervyn Haisman
Lighting Cameraman: Keith Watts
Edited by: Paul Vanezis
Theme & Incidental Music: Ian Levine, Nigel Stock, Erwin Keiles
Location Sound: Steve Picco
Supervising & Main Costume Designer: Anita Lad, BBC Costume Department
Make-up: Zoe Randall
Yeti Designed and Created by: Julian Vince
Visual Effects by: BBC Visual Effects Department
Additional Visual Effects: Alistair Lock
Animation and Digital Effects by: Frame Store
Production Designers: Richard Landen, Andrew Beech

Nicholas Courtney ()
Elisabeth Sladen (Sarah-Jane Smith)
Deborah Watling (Victoria Waterfield)
Jack Watling (Professor Travers)
Beverley Cressman ()
Mark Trotman (Daniel Hinton)
Geoffrey Beevers (Harrods)
Peter Silverleaf (Christopher Rice)
John Leeson (Anthony)
Miles Richardson (Captain Cavendish)
James Bree (Lama)
Kathy Coulter (receptionist)
Alexander Landen (Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart)
Jonathan Clarkson (chilly 1)
Miles Cherry (chilly 2)
Richard Landen (lead yeti)
David Howe, Tony Clark, Conrad Turner (yetis)
Stephen Bradshaw, Keith Brooks, Mark Moore, Gabriel Mykaj, John Reddington (UNIT soldiers)

Extracts included in
Ian Levine: Downtime Redux (2013)
Tom Baker's Beyond Belief! (2005)

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