Doomwatch: Hear No Evil (1970)

UK, 4 May
Series 1, episode 12
videotape, 16mm film, colour, 4:3
mono, English
Series: Doomwatch (1970-1972)

A British science fiction television episode directed by Frank Cox. The episode was wiped by the BBC and is no longer thought to exist.

Plot Summary

An unscrupulous company tries to deter industrial actuion by using hi-tech listening devices to spy on its workforce. Quist decides to use the new technology on the bosses.


Directed by: Frank Cox
Series Devised by: Gerry Davis, Kit Pedler
Produced by: Terence Dudley
[Written] By: Gerry Davis
Studio Lighting: Jimmy Purdie
Editor: Alastair MacKay
Music by: Max Harris
Studio Sound: Larry Goodson
Sound Recordist: Doug Mawson
Designer: Tim Gleeson

John Paul (Dr Spencer Quist)
Simon Oates (Dr John Ridge)
Robert Powell (Tobias Wren)
Joby Blanshard (Colin Bradley)
Wendy Hall (Pat Hunisett)
Griffith Jones (Falken)
Michael Ripper (Tom Reid)
Brian Cox (Bill Owen)
Peter Miles (Cook)
Tessa Shaw (Mrs Lucy Reid/voice of secretary)
Derrick O'Connor (operator)
Sheila Sands (stripper)