Doomwatch (1972)

UK, 1972
35mm film, colour
mono, English

A British science fiction film directed by Peter Sasdy.

Plot Summary

The government watchdog agency known as Doomwatch investigates a remote island community where there are higher than average incidents of the disfiguring condition acromegaly. The investigating scientists discover that the condition is being caused by illegally dumped military chemicals in the waters around the island.


Directed by: Peter Sasdy
© MCMLXXII [1972] Tigon British Film Productions Ltd.
Made by Tigon British Productions Ltd.
Produced by: Tony Tenser
Final Screenplay by: Clive Exton
“Doomwatch” by: Kit Pedler & Gerry Davis
Director of Photography: Kenneth Talbot
Editor: Keith Palmer
Music Composed and Conducted by: John Scott
Sound Recordist: Ron Barron
Wardrobe Master: John Hilling
Make-up Supervisor: Tom Smith
Hairdressing Supervisor: Ann Mcfadyen
Art Director: Colin Grimes
Scientific Adviser: Dr Kit Pedler
Made at: Pinewood Studios London England and on location in Cornwall

Ian Bannen (Dr Del Shaw)
Judy Geeson (Victoria Brown)
John Paul (Dr Quist)
Simon Oates (Dr Ridge)
Jean Trend (Dr Fay Chantry)
Joby Blanshard (Bradley)
Percy Herbert (Hartwell)
Shelagh Fraser (Mrs Straker)
Geoffrey Keen (Sir Henry Leyton)
Joseph O’Conor (vicar)
Norman Bird (Brewer)
Constance Chapman (Miss Johnson)
Michael Brennan (Tom Straker)
James Cosmo (Bob Gillette)
George Sanders (the admiral)
Cyril Cross (George)
Geoff L’Cise (Don)
George Woodbridge (ferry skipper)
Jerome Willis (Lt. Com. Tavener)
Jeremy Child (David Broome)

Alternative Titles

Aikapommi – Finnish video title
Doom Watch – Insel des Schreckens – German title
Doomwatch – i mostri del 2001 – Italian title
Holocausto radiactivo – Spanish title

Sequel to
Doomwatch (1970-1972)

Doomwatch: Winter Angel (1999)

Production Notes

The film started shooting on 24 October 1971 1Variety 17 November 1971 p.27

When the British press reported that barrels of poison had been washed up on English beaches in January 1972, PR company Davidson Dalling Associates dressed up the windows of Tigon’s Wardour Street offices with copies of the papers in question to promote Doomwatch.


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