Don’t Go to Sleep (1982)

USA, 10 December 1982
35mm, colour, 4:3
mono, English

An American made-for-television horror film directed by Richard Lang.

Plot Summary

A young girl, Jennifer, is killed when the car she's traveling in explodes in an accident. A year later, her younger sister Mary is visited by her ghost – but it seems that Jennifer holds the rest of her family responsible for her death and is back for


Directed by: Richard Lang
© MCMLXXXII [1982] Aaron Spelling Productions, Inc.
Aaron Spelling Productions
Executive Producers: Aaron Spelling, Douglas S. Cramer
Supervising Producer: E. Duke Vincent
Produced by: Richard Lang
Associate Producer: Claudia Myhers Tschudin
Executive Production Manager: Norman Henry
Unit Production Manager: Blair Gilbert
Supervising Production Manager: Al Kraus
Executive Co-ordinator: J. Bret Garwood
Written by: Ned Wynn
1st Assistant Director: Robert Jones
2nd Assistant Director: Lorraine Raglin
Script Supervisor: Cariline Davis-Dyer
Director of Photography: Chuck Arnold
Lenses and Panaflex Camera by: Panavision
Supervising Film Editor: John Woodcock
Film Editor: Patrick Kennedy
Executive in Charge of Post Production: Joseph Dervin Jr
Color by: Movielab
Music by: Dominic Frontiere
Music Supervisor: John Mick
Sound Mixer: Bill Randall
Sound Editors: Jim Troutman, Paul Clay, David Stone, Tony Magro
Costume Designer: Nolan Miller
Wardrobe Supervisor: Eilish
Ladies' Costumer: Toni Lombardo
Men's Costumer: Joe McCloskey
Make-Up: Mel Berns, Mario Gonzales
Hair Stylist: Hazel Catmull
Special Effects: Dutch van der Byl
Art Director: Paul Sylos
Set Decorator: Robert Signorelli
Property Master: John Klima
Supervising Construction Co-ordinator: Gordon Kirschbaum
Construction Co-ordinator: Clair Mulkey
Assistants to the Executive Producer: Renate Kramer, Diane Aretio
Assistant to the Supervising Producer: Cheryl R. Stein
Executive in Charge of Creative Affairs: Lynn Loring
Automobiles Furnished by: The Ford Motor Company
Filmed at the Burbank Studios, Burbank, California
Stunt Co-ordinator: Roy E. Harrison
Casting by: Gary Shaffer and Barbara Baldavin

Dennis Weaver (Phillip)
Valerie Harper (Laura)
Robin Ignico (Mary)
Kristin Cumming (Jennifer)
Oliver Robins (Kevin)
Claudette Nevins (Dr Samuel)
Ruth Gordon (Grandma)
Robert Webber as Dr Cole
Marilyn Coleman (Sarah)
Tim Haldeman (intern)
Haven Earle Haley (priest)
Ned Wynn (paramedic)
Ross Porter (radio sportscaster)



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