Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark (1973)

USA, 10 October
35mm film, colour, 4:3
mono, English
Reviewed at The EOFFTV Review

An American horror television film directed by John Newland.

Plot Summary

Sally and Alex Farnham move into the house of her recently deceased grandmother and set about turning into a home of their own. Sally finds a sealed fireplace which she has opened, unwittingly releasing three tiny monsters that menace her when she's home alone.


* = uncredited

Directed by: John Newland
Lorimar Productions
Executive Producer: Lee Rich
Produced by: Allen S. Epstein
Associate Producer: Neil T. Maffeo
Executive Production Manager: Neil T. Maffeo
Unit Production Manager: Ted Swanson
Production Coordinator: Julie Waxman
1st Assistant Director: Ted Swanson
2nd Assistant Director: Nathan Haggard
Written by: Nigel McKeand
Director of Photography: Andrew Jackson
Electrical Gaffer: Tom Hayes
Key Grip: John Black
Editorial Supervisor: Gene Fowler Jr
Editor: Michael McCroskey
Music by: Billy Goldenberg
Music Editor: Joe Tuley
Production Sound Mixer: Charles Knight
Sound Effects Editors: Victor Guarnier, Jack Wheeler, Bill Wistrom
Costumer: Patricia Norris
Make-up: Mike Hancock
Hair Stylist: Jossen [real name: Bruce Jossen]
Production Designer: Ed Graves
Set Decorator: James Cane
Property Master: Horst Grandt
Casting: Hoyt Bowers

Kim Darby (Sally Farnham)
Jim Hutton (Alex Farnham)
Barbara Anderson (Joan Kahn)
William Demarest (Mr Harris)
Pedro Armendáriz Jr (Francisco Perez)
Lesley Woods (Ethyl)
Robert Cleaves (doctor)
Sterling Swanson (policeman)
J.H. Lawrence [real name: Joel Lawrence] (George Kahn)
William Sylvester (Tom Henderson)
Don Mallon (Bob)
Celia Kaye [real name: Celia Milius] (Anne)
Elizabeth St. Clair, Monica Henreid, Robert Priest (party guests)
Ted Swanson (bartender)
Felix Silla, Tamara DeTreaux, Patty Maloney (creatures)
Nigel McKeand [voice of the demon] *

Alternative Titles

Les Créatures de l'ombre – Canada (French), France
Criaturas da Noite
– Brazil (video)
Frio en la noche
– Spain (video)
Gate of Darkness
– Germany, West Germany (video)
Não Tenha Medo da Escuridão
– Brazil
Ne félj a sötétben!
– Hungary
Nie bój sie ciemnosci
– Poland
– USA (video)
– Norway
Non avere paura del buio
– Italy
Pimeyden oliot
– Finland

Don't Be Afraid of the Dark (2010)