Dominique (1978)

UK, 1977
35mm film, colour

A British horror film directed by Michael Anderson. Production began on 19 September 1977.

Plot Summary

Stockbroker David Ballard plots to drive his wealthy wife Dominique insane in order to get his hands on her money. When Dominque finally dies, Ballard seems to have got his way – but is that really his late wife haunting him?


Directed by: Michael Anderson
© MCMLXVIII [] by Grand Prize Productions
Melvin Simon presents a Sword & Sorcery production
Executive Producer: Melvin Simon
Produced by: Milton Subotsky and Andrew Donally
Screenplay by: Edward & Valerie Abraham
From a story by Harold Lawlor [What Beckoning Ghost] published in Kurt Singer's ‘Ghost Omnibus
Director of Photography: Ted Moore
Film Editor: Richard Best
Music by: David Whitaker
Sound Recordists: David Bowen, Bob Jones
Costumes for Jean Simmons and Jenny Agutter by: Wim Hemmink
Cliff Robertson's Clothes by: Douglas Hayward
Make-Up: Tom Smith
Hairdressing: Bobbie Smith
Production Designer: David Minty
Made at: Shepperton Studio Centre, England

Cliff Robertson (David Ballard)
Jean Simmons (Dominique Ballard)
Jenny Agutter (Ann Ballard)
Simon Ward (Tony Calvert)
Ron Moody (Dr Charles Rogers)
Judy Geeson (Marjorie Craven)
Michael Jayston (Arnold Craven)
Flora Robson (Mrs Davis)
David Tomlinson (solicitor)
Jack Warner (George)
Leslie Dwyer (cemetery superintendent)
Erin Geraghty
Brian Hayes
Jan Holden
Jack Mckenzie
Michael Nightingale

Alternative Titles

Avenging Spirit
Dominique is Dead



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