Dolly Dearest (1991)

USA, 1992
35mm film, colour
Ultra Stereo, English

An American horror film directed by Maria Lease. It was originally released in the USA on 18 October .

Plot Summary

An archaeologist in Mexico accidentally releases the spirit of a demon child from its tomb. Some time later, an American family arrives to reopen a nearby old doll making factory. But the spirit has possessed one of the and starts to have a disturbing effect on the family's young daughter.


Director: Maria Lease
© Dolly Dearest Productions Inc
Patriot Pictures, Channeler Enterprises
Executive Producer: Pierre David
Producer: Daniel Cady
Associate Producers: Channon Scott, Rod Nave, Paul Aguilar
Script: Maria Lease
Story: Maria Lease, Rod Nave, Peter Sutcliffe
Director of Photography: Eric D. Andersen
Editor: Geoffrey Rowland
Music: Mark Snow
Sound Mixer: Paul Coogan
Costume Designer: Scott Tomlinson
Make-up: Elizabeth Levitte
Hair: Sandra J. Rubin
Dolly and Special Make-up Effects: Michael Burnett Productions
Physical Effects: Abstract Pacifics
Dolly Effects: Prime Filmworks Inc
Pyrotechnics Supervisor: Michael Thompson
Visual Effects Supervisor: Alan G. Markowitz
Production Designer: W. Brooke Wheeler

Denise Crosby (Marilyn Read)
Sam Bottoms (Elliot Read)
Rip Torn (Karl Resnick)
Chris Demetral (Jimmy Read)
Candy Hutson (Jessica Read)
Lupe Ontiveros (Camilla)
Enrique Renaldo (Estrella)
Alma MartÍnez (Alva)
Will Gotay (Luis)
Rene Victor (nun at the convent)
Luis Cortez (Peter)
Jaime Gomez (Hector)
Brass Adams (Bob Larabe)
Ed Gale (Dolly double)

Alternative Titles

La bambola che uccide – Italian title
A Boneca Diabólica – Portuguese title
Dolly Dearest – Die Brut des Satans – German title
Nukke jonka kanssa ei leikitä – Finnish title
Ukochana laleczka – Polish title


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