Doctor X (1932)

35mm film, 2-strip Technicolor; black and white, 1.37:1
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Michael Curtiz.

Plot Summary

The “Moon Killer”, a murderer who only strikes at the full moon, has racked up six victims and the staff of Doctor Xavier's Academy of Surgical Research are the chief suspects.


Director: Michael Curtiz
First National Pictures, Warner Bros.
Screenplay: Robert Tasker, Earl Baldwin
Based on the Play by: Howard W. Comstock, Allen C. Miller
Director of Photography (Colour Version): Ray Rennahan
Director of Photography (Black and White Version): Richard Towers
Editor: George Amy
Art Director: Anton F. Grot

Lionel Atwill (Dr Xavier)
Fay Wray (Joanne Xavier)
Lee Tracy (Lee Taylor)
Preston Foster (Dr Graham Wells)
John Wray (Dr Haynes)
Harry Beresford (Dr Duke)
Arthur Edmund Carewe (Dr Rowitz)
Leila Bennett (Mame, the maid)
Robert Warwick (Police Commissioner Stevens)
George Rosener (Otto)
Willard Robertson (O'Halloran, detective)
Thomas Jackson (Globe managing editor)
Harry Holman (Mike, cop on beat)
Mae Busch (speak-easy madame)


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