Doctor Mordrid (1992)

35mm film, colour
Ultra Stereo, English

An American fantasy film directed by Albert Band and Charles Band.

Plot Summary

When an evil force enters our dimension only the sorceror Doctor Mordrid can save the Earth.


Directed by: Albert Band, Charles Band
© 1992 Full Moon Entertainment
Full Moon Entertainment presents
Produced by: Charles Band
Line Producer: Keith Payson
Screenplay by: C. Courtney Joyner
Based on an Original Idea by: Charles Band
Director of Phtography: Adolfo Bartoli
Edited: Lauren Schaffer
Music Composed by: Richard Band
Sound Mixer: D.J. Ritchie
Costume Designer: Zeca Seabra
Hair/Makeup: Keith Hall
Special Effects Makeup: Michael Sharum, Jay Wejebe
Special Effects Coordinator: John Cazin
Visual Effects: David Allen Productions
Special Photographic Effects: Motion Opticals
Animation: David Allen, Chris Endicott, Randall Cook
Production Designer: Milo

Jeffrey Combs (Doctor Mordrid)
Yvette Nipar (Samantha Hunt)
Jay Acovone (Tony Gaudio)
Keith Coulouris (Adrian)
Ritch Brinkley (Gunner)
Brian Thompson as Kabal
Pearl Shear (Sara Golden)
Murray Rubin (Mr Berstein)
Jeff Austin (Detective Levitz)
John Apicella (Morris)
Julie Michaels (Irene)
Mark Phelan (officer 1)
Kenn Scott (officer 2)
Scott Roberts (fireman)
Steven Marca (armored car driver)
Jonathan Kruger (newscaster)

Alternative Titles

Invasori dalla IV dimensione – Italian title
Mágusok háborúja
– Hungarian title
– German title

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