Do You Believe in Fairies? (1983)

35mm film, colour
mono, English

A British short horror film directed by Stanley Long.

Plot Summary

A handyman discovering that not only do the exist, but they're a rather nasty bunch to boot.


Director: Stanley Long
Alpha Films
Producers: Stanley Long, Peter Long
Production Manager: Brian Bilgorri
Script: Michael Armstrong
Assistant Director: Tony Dyer
Director of Photography: Don Lord
Camera Assistant: Dave Lawrence
Loader: Frank Biggs
Gaffer: Len Duncan
Music: KPM
Sound Mixer: Stanley Phillips
Boom Operator: Keith Batten
Wardrobe: Imogen Magnus
Make-up: Sandra Exelby
Art Director: Brian Savegar
Props: William Stark
Production Secretary: Pauline Stevenson
Assistant to Producers: Justin Moyle

Dora Bryan (Emma)
Jean Anderson (Mildred)
Philip Bloomfield (Colin)
Matthew Peters (Tim)
Gary Winley (Frank)
David Van Day (Gavin)
Julie Jupp
Karen Seacombe
Kim Thomson (Lady Anne)
Clare Davenport
John Skitt
Mick Worsley
Charles Sproggit

Included in
Screamtime (1983)