Diversions (1975)

50m [UK], 87m [uncut hardcore version], 4507 feet
35mm film, colour
mono, English
Reviewed at The EOFFTV Review

A British pornographic film with horror elements directed by Derek Ford. In the UK the film was only shown in a 50 minute softcore version titled Sex Express while the uncut hardcore version was shown elsewhere. A sequence set in a Nazi prison camp is entirely missing from the British version.

Plot Summary

A woman prisoner is apparently being escorted to prison by train and she begins to fantasise during the long journey. Among her daydreams are a lengthy sequence in which she casts herself as a knife-wielding killer who falls foul of a vampire, one set in a Nazi death camp and another in which she has sex with a ghost.


Directed by: Derek Ford
© [not given on screen]
Blackwater Film Productions present
Producer: Valerie M. Ford
Production Supervisor: Alan Selwyn
Screenplay by: Derek Ford
1st Assistant Director: Paul Cowan
Director of Photography: Geoffrey Glover
Location Lighting: McGuiness Film and T.V. Lighting Ltd.
[Location Lighting] Chief: Tom McGuiness
Camera Operator: Bill Patterson
Camera Assistants: Brian Ellis, Steve Baron
Grips: Bert Osborne
Edited by: Pat Foster
Music by: De Wolfe
Sound Recordist: Trevor Carless
Sound Assistant: Dave Badger
Re-Recorded at: De Lane Lea Studios,
Dubbing Director: Doug Turner
Make-Up: Colin Arthur
Hair Stylist: Jan Dorman
Art Director: Edmund Konkel
Production Assistant: Sallianne Branson
Locations: Piccadilly Circus, London, England, UK

Heather Deeley (Imogene)
Jeffrey Morgan (student)
Timothy Blackstone (1st victim)
James Lister (vampire)
Tim Burr (caller)
Terry Walsh (mercenary officer)
Christopher Gilbert (African officer)
Tony Kenyon (Victorian photographer)
Gilly Sykes (maid)
Jacky Rigby (prisoner)
Derek Martin (escort)

Alternative Titles

Gefangenen-Express – West German (video)
Sex Express – UK softcore version title


Monthly Film Bulletin vol.42 no.502 (November 1975) p.243
An awesomely silly sexploitation piece which appears to harbour some sort of parodic intentions in its painfully laboured fantasy sequences. The script is particularly abysmal, but direction and acting come from the same lower depths. – from a review by Tom Milne

Variety 17 March 1976 p.23
Diversions” is a British-made sexpo item which, though predominately softcore, contains a few ragged hardcore shots, hardly enough for U.S. porno buffs. Pic should prove a disappointment on the hardcore grind, though the version screened could easily be trimmed for soft X or hard R saturation playoff in less specialized situations. […] Performances, direction, editing, lensing etc. are sub-standard, and the film is a good example of the kind of dreary foreign-made pickups currently exploiting the exploitation market in the U.S. – from a review by Verr

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